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Anthropology of Brazilian Cinema

Wednesday, April 17, 2013 - 4:00pm - 6:00pm
Columbia University Morningside Campus International Affairs Building, Room 802

Bio:Erika Thomas was born in 1964 in Brazil. She settled in France in the 1980s, obtaining her PhD in Cinema and Audiovisual Studies (Paris 3, 2001) and her HDR (Habilitation) in anthropology ofmedia (Strasbourg, 2011). She is Professor at the Lille-based Universit Catholique de Lille, and an associate member of Research Institute in Cinema and Audiovisual Studies (IRCAV) at Universit Paris3-Sorbonne Nouvelle. She has also taught at Universit Paris 3and Universidade Estadual do Ceara (Fortaleza, Brazil). Her main research domains include: images, history and society, cinema and television and telenovelas (transdisciplinary approach) in Brazilian society.

Description: Considering that, from an anthropological approach, movies contain interesting elements for studying a society - values, beliefs, ideology - this talk focuses on the questions laid out by the Brazilian cinema: identity issues, History and memory depiction as well as symbolic landscapes - such as the sertao and slums - that put into perspective the social exclusion issue.