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The Brian Bent Lecture - Mostafa El-Sayed

Thursday, April 11, 2013 - 2:30pm - 3:30pm
Columbia University Morningside Campus Room 209 Havemeyer


"Nanotechnology meets biology in the cancer cell"

Presented by Mostafa El-Sayed, Georgia Institute of Technology

Hosted by Kenneth Eisenthal

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Meet the Speaker at 1:30pm in room 328 Havemeyer
Tea & Cookies at 4:00pm in room 328 Havemeyer
Seminar at 4:30 in room 209 Havemeyer

     Using biochemical-targeting methods, one can conjugate the plasmonic nanoparticles to many parts of the cell, healthy or sick. Since the nanoparticles have comparable size to many parts of the cell, binding plasmonic (or nonplasmonic) nanoparticles to parts of the cell could change its properties including curing, or, most likely, killing sick cells. Using plasmonic nanoparticles has the advantage of using their enhanced scattering properties to image the response of the cells1-3 (including death) to the effect of binding the nanoparticles to selected part of the cell. Not only one can image the response of the cells directly bound to the nanoparticles but also the reaction of the community of the surrounding nanoparticle-free cells
     In order to gain intra-cell molecular information, and thus molecular cell mechanisms instead of just global cell information, we were recently able4 to record the enhanced molecular Raman vibration spectra (SERS) of molecules anywhere in the cell during the full cell cycle, from birth to division. Furthermore, if we give the cells cancer drugs, we can determine the time of the cell death. The potential future applications of this technique of PLASMONIC ENHANCED MOLECULAR CELL IMMAGING (PEMCI) in molecular cell biology, in drug testing, in determining drug action and cell death mechanisms will be discussed.

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