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Early Epics, Silent Divas: Italian Cinema 19091925

Tuesday, October 22, 2013 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm
Columbia University Morningside Campus The Italian Academy 1161 Amsterdam Avenue

The Italian Academy and the School of the Arts -- M.A. in Film Studies Program present:
Early Epics, Silent Divas: Italian Cinema 19091925

Diva Dolorosa (Peter Delpeut, 1999; 70 minutes)
Preceded by Lea and the Ball of Wool (Cines, 1913; 4 minutes) and Miracle Waters (Eleuterio Rodolfi, 1914; 9 minutes)
Introduced by Angela Dalle Vacche (Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta)

As an ode to the Italian divas of the silent era, video artist Peter Delpeut (Lyrical Nitrate) has created a romantic drama using a collage of clips of silent Italian melodrama films produced between1914 and 1920. Featuring stars such as Lyda Borelli and Pina Menichelli, the film captures the spirit of the World War One-era cinema diva creating a narrative of tempted fate and self-torment in which the heroines teeter dangerously between defiant indulgence in sexual passion and hysterical remorse at their own cruelties.

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