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Interdisciplinary Biosciences Student Seminar - Erika Penzo

Tuesday, January 29, 2013 - 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Columbia University Morningside Campus Room 700, Fairchild

Please join us for our first Interdisciplinary Biosciences Student Seminar of the Spring Semester at 12:00pm, Tuesday January 29th, 700 Fairchild (pizza to be served at 11:45am)
Our student speaker will be graduate student Erika Penzo from the Wind Lab in the Department of Applied Physics and Applied Math.

Title of Talk:  DNA for nanodevices 

Abstract: DNA is known primarily for its fundamental role in genetics, however, at a basic level, DNA is a polymer whose unique chemical recognition and organizational properties can be exploited for biological as well as non-biological purposes. The high specificity and programmability of DNA through base pairing, along with the nearly infinite range of sequence combinations, can be exploited in a variety of ways at the nanoscale to create and link organic and inorganic nanomaterials and nanostructures. In order to take full advantage of the potential of DNA assembly for nanodevice integration, the ability to precisely control the placement of DNA molecules and nanostructures on surfaces is crucial. We are developing techniques toward the controlled and ordered arrangement of DNA molecules, nanostructures and scaffolds on lithographically patterned, chemically (or biochemically) functionalized surfaces. By combining lithographic patterning with molecular recognition we are able to control the surface assembly of DNA nanostructures and DNA wrapped carbon nanotubes. This is an important step towards a broad range of applications, from DNA studies in the biomedical field to the use of DNA in developing future generation electronics.

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