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Scenarios for a Sustainable World

Thursday, January 31, 2013 - 6:10pm - 8:10pm
Columbia University, Morningside Campus, Schermerhorn Extension, Room 1015

The Earth Institute's Center for Environmental Sustainability presents "Scenarios for a Sustainable World" with Cary Krosinsky, Executive Director, Network for Sustainable Financial Markets (NSFM).

Climate change, habitat loss, and population growth are dramatically reshaping life on Earth in ways that could result in irreversible changes to our planet, known as tipping points.  Learn the causes behind these issues and examine future scenarios that can help us best avoid potential global environmental tipping points.  Featuring prominent speakers from corporations, investment houses, and NGOs this course addresses key questions such as:

  • Can finance and investing be a part of the solution?
  • How can companies be more involved to drive solutions and what are they already bringing to the table?
  • What role do governments and other global bodies have to play?
  • What happens if we do nothing or instead choose only incremental change as a way forward?
  • What does dramatic change look like?
  • Do we now need to consider dire choices? And what are they?

This first session is free and open to the public.  Registration is required to attend the full 10-hour course.

This course is part of the Earth Institute's Executive Education Certificate Program in Conservation and Environmental Sustainability. Courses may be taken on an individual basis or you may pursue the full 12-course Certificate.

For more information or to register please visit our website or contact Desmond Beirne at (212) 854-0149 or djb2104@columbia.edu.