Creator: Codman, Ogden.

Uniform Title: Harold Brown house (Newport, R.I.)

Title: House for Harold Brown, Esq., Newport, R.I. [graphic] / Ogden Codma n Jr., interior decorator.

Publication Data: [1894?]
Physical Description Of Original: 78 sheets : various media ; 83.0 x 123.5 cm. (32 6/8 x 48 5/8 in.) or smaller.

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Public Note:
Date from Ogden Codman Jr.: architect-decorator / Pauline Metcalf. (M S Thesis--unpublished) New York: Columbia University, 1978. 29 ink drawings on cloth; 7 pencil drawings on tracing paper; 13 penc il drawings on paper; 15 blueline prints and 5 blueprints; 8 watercolor and pencil drawings on paper; 1 ink drawing on tracing paper. "... much of the detailing is taken from the plates of Percier and Fo ntaine's Recueil de Decorations Interieures" [Paris, 1801] Cf. Metcalf p. 32. Ogden Codman Jr., Interior Decorator 5 West 16th St., New York. Elevations and plans for the remodeling and decoration of several roo ms on the first floor, including plans and elevations of the house, ori ginal architect Dudley Newton. Set includes "Specifications of stone and plaster work in vestibule a nd hall of residence for Mr. Harold Brown, Newport, R.I., Ogden Codman Jr. Architect." Forms part of the Ogden Codman collection of architectural drawings.

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Ornament drawings. aat Renderings. aat Architectural drawings--American. aat Design development drawings. aat Elevations. aat Orthographic drawings. aat Sections. aat Preliminary drawings. aat
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Architecture--Designs and plans--United States.
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Soltmann, E.G. Newton, Dudley. Brown, Harold Haven, 1869-1932. Percier, Charles, 1764-1838. Recueil de d_ecorations int_erieures.
The Ogden Codman collection of architectural drawings.
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1. North elevetion.
NYDA.1000.009.00303. AVERYimage .
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2. South elevation.
NYDA.1000.009.00304. Badly t orn, lower right corner missing. AVERYimage .
Image not available.

3. First floor plan.
NYDA.1000.009.00305. AVERYimage .
Image not available.

4. Part of ground floor, rev ised plan : drawing no. 2 / E.R., June 5th '95.
NYDA.1000.009.00306. AVERYimage .
Image not available.

5. [Part of ground floor pla n]
NYDA.1000.009.00307. AVERYimage .
Image not available.

6. Plan showing rooms in pre sent state ; plan showing proposed changes.
NYDA.1000.009.00308. AVERYimage .
Image not available.

7. Second floor plan.
NYDA.1000.009.00309. AVERYimage .
Image not available.

8. Second floor partial plan with variant stairway.
NYDA.1000.009.00310. AVERYimage .
Image not available.

9. Attic plan /
Dudley Newt on, architect.
NYDA.1000.009.00311. AVERYimage .
Image not available.

29. East wall of hall : [ele vation] Stamp: House for Harold Brown Esq., Newport R.I.
NYDA.1000.009.00330. AVERYimage .
Image not available.

30. South wall of hall : [el evation] Stamp: House for Harold Brown Esq., Newport R.I.
NYDA.1000.009.00331. AVERYimage .
Image not available.

31. [Perspective rendering o f staircase and west wall of stair hall] 1 drawing on paper ; watercol or with pencil ; 50.0 x 81.1 cm. (19 6/8 x 32 in.). Architect's stamp.
NYDA.1000.009.00332. AVERYimage .
Image not available.

32. [Fully rendered elevatio n of stair-hall, south wall]p1 drawing on paper : watercolor with penci l and ink ; 55.9 x 98.9 cm. (22 x 39 in.). Architect's stamp.
NYDA.1000.009.00333. AVERYimage .
Image not available.

33. North wall of staircase hall, [elevation]
NYDA.1000.009.00334. AVERYimage .
Image not available.

34. Floor of hall [design pl an]
NYDA.1000.009.00335. AVERYimage .
Image not available.

35. Library, east wall.
NYDA.1000.009.00336. AVERYimage . 1 d rawing : watercolor and pencil on paper ; 48.1 x 63.4 cm. (19 x 25 in.)
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36. Library, east wall; west wall like this (reversed) : [elevations and section] : drawing no. 14.
NYDA.1000.009.00337. AVERYimage .
Image not available.