Title: [Empire State Building, Construction Photos, New York, N.Y.] [graphi c].

Publication Data: 1930-1931.
Physical Description Of Original: 23 photoprints : b&w ; 28 x 20 cm. (10 3/4 x 7 3/4 in.)

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Public Note:
Forms part of the Empire State Building Archive. Bracketed information supplied by cataloger. Images dated in photograph. Forms part of a sequence of photographs, taken from 1929-1931, of the deconstruction of the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel and the subsequent constru ction of the Empire State Building on the same site. Forms part of a group of prints stamped by Knickerbocker Photo Servic e the first six pages of which are formed by a reprint of article from Engineering News-Record dated August 21, 1930 entitled "Planning and co ntrol permit erection of 85 stories of steel in six months", distribute d with the compliments of Post and McCord. Bears signiture reading: Pr operty of R.H. Shreve. Cover page and article reprint have accession numbers NYDA.1971.003.0 0692-NYDA.1971.003.00697 and were not included in DIAP project.
Generic Subject:
Skyscrapers. aat Commercial buildings. aat
Added Creator:
Shreve, Lamb & Harmon. Starrett Brothers, Inc.


1. 1971.003.0664.
NYDA.1971.003.0664. [DIAP image].March 15th [1930].
Image not available.

2. 1971.003.0665.
NYDA.1971.003.0665. [DIAP image].March 24th [1930].
Image not available.

3. 1971.003.0666.
NYDA.1971.003.0666. [DIAP image].April 4th [1930].
Image not available.

4. 1971.003.0667.
NYDA.1971.003.0667. [DIAP image].April 7th [1930].
Image not available.

5. 1971.003.0668.
NYDA.1971.003.0668. [DIAP image].April 17th [1930].
Image not available.

6. 1971.003.0669.
NYDA.1971.003.0669. [DIAP image].April 28th [1930].
Image not available.

7. 1971.003.0670.
NYDA.1971.003.0670. [DIAP image].May 12th [1930].
Image not available.

8. 12th floor,
NYDA.1971.003.0671.May 26th [1930].
Image not available.

9. 26th floor,
NYDA.1971.003.0672.June 23rd [1930].
Image not available.

10. 32nd floor,
NYDA.1971.003.0673.July 7th [1930].
Image not available.

11. 40th floor,
NYDA.1971.003.0674.July 21st [1930].
Image not available.

12. 44th floor,
NYDA.1971.003.0675.July 25th [1930].
Image not available.

13. 50th floor,
NYDA.1971.003.0676.August 4th [1930].
Image not available.

14. 58th floor,
NYDA.1971.003.0677.August 18th [1930].
Image not available.

15. 80th floor,
NYDA.1971.003.0678.September 15th [1930].
Image not available.

16. 84th floor [with zeppelins],
NYDA.1971.003.0679.September 19th [1930].
Image not available.

17. 84th floor,
NYDA.1971.003.0680.September 19th [1930].
Image not available.

18. 86th floor,
NYDA.1971.003.0681.October 20th [1930].
Image not available.

19. 96th floor,
NYDA.1971.003.0682.November 7th [1930].
Image not available.

20. 100th floor,
NYDA.1971.003.0683.November 13th [1930].
Image not available.

21. 102th floor,
NYDA.1971.003.0684.November 19th [1930].
Image not available.

22. 102nd floor,
NYDA.1971.003.0685.November 19th [1930].
Image not available.

23. 102nd floor,
NYDA.1971.003.0686.December 1st 1930.
Image not available.