Creator: Goodhue, Bertram Grosvenor, 1869-1924.

Uniform Title: St. Thomas' Church, 1 West 53rd Street (1914- : New York, N.Y.)

Title: St. Thomas Church [1 West 53rd Street at 5th Avenue, New York, N.Y.]$ h[graphic] : [including interior fittings and reredos] / [drawn by] B .G. Goodhue ; [Cram, Goodhue, & Ferguson, architects]

Publication Data: [1905-1920]
Physical Description Of Original: 21 sheets : various media ; 227.2 x 114.9 cm. (89 4/8 x 45 2/8 in.) or smaller.

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Public Note: History note:
This is the fourth St. Thomas' Church in New York and the second on t his site. The R.M. Upjohn structure of 1870 burned in 1905.
Public Note:
Bracketed title information supplied by cataloguer. Forms part of the Goodhue collection of architectural drawings. Most of the drawings in the Goodhue collection are unlabeled and unda ted. Projects have been identified through comparison with those drawin gs that are labeled and with photographs, drawings and descriptions fou nd in: Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue / Richard Oliver (New York : Arch. His tory Found., 1983), pp. 61-75; and in: Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue, archi tect and master of many arts / edited by Charles H. Whitaker (New York : DaCapo, 1976), plate CXXXVII-CXLV. According to Richard Oliver, the competition drawings were completed 1905-1906. Alternative schemes, 1906-1907. Working drawings, 1908-1913. The reredos over the main altar was built from 1914 to 1920, exclusive ly under the direction of Goodhue. Drawings of it will date from these years. Any drawing with an "H", or other letter is an alternative schem e and was drawn in 1906 or 1907, (see Oliver, p. 62). This set consists of 18 pencil drawings on paper, 1 color pencil draw ing on paper, 1 blueprint on paper, 1 blueprint on cloth, 1 blackline p rint on paper.
Public Note: Provenance:
Gift of the DeRis family.

Generic Subject:
Churches. aat Episcopal churches. aat Altarpieces. aat Reredos. aat Altars. aat Choirs (Architecture). aat
Elevations. aat Floor plans. aat Sketches. aat Architectural drawings--American. aat Orthographic drawings. aat Sections. aat
Generic Subject:
Architecture--Designs and plans--United States.
Added Creator:
Cram, Ralph Adams, 1863-1942. Ferguson, Frank William, 1860-1926.
Added Creator:
Cram, Goodhue & Ferguson.
Added Creator:
Pencil drawings. aat Blueprints. aat Black-line prints. aat Colored pencil drawings. aat
The Goodhue collection of architectural drawings. Slides

15. [Front elevation of chan try reredos], [between 1906 and 1913].
NYDA.1000.021.00014. AVERYimage .
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16. St. Thomas Church : desi gn for reredos to side chapel, chantry [front elevation and side view], [between 1906 and 1913].
NYDA.1000.021.00015. AVERYimage .
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17. [Reredos at main altar i n elevation], [between 1914 and 1920]
NYDA.1000.021.00016. AVERYimage .
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18. St. Thomas' Church rered os, [half elevation] : Drawing no. 01, Nov. 14 1918. 1 print : bluep rint on cloth. "Inspector's copy".
NYDA.1000.021.00017. AVERYimage .
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19. St. Thomas' Church rered os : elevation [with sections] : Drawing no. 01, 6/12/17. 1 print : blueprint on paper.
NYDA.1000.021.00018. AVERYimage .
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20. [Reredos : elevation and section of the side of chancel], [between 1914 and 1920]. 1 print : black line print on paper. Extremely brittle, broken.
NYDA.1000.021.00019. AVERYimage .
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