Creator: Magonigle, Harold Van Buren, 1867-1935.

Uniform Title: Nebraska State Capitol (Lincoln, Nebraska). Competition drawings

Title: [Nebraska State Capitol, Lincoln, Neb.] [graphic] : [competition dr awings] / [Harold V. B. Magonigle]

Publication Data: [n.d.]
Physical Description Of Original: 4 drawings : various media ; 87.4 x 86.0 cm. (34 3/8 x 33 7/8 in.).

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Public Note:
Bracketed elements supplied by cataloger. Forms part of the Harold Van Buren Magonigle collection of architectu ral drawings.
Public Note: History note:
Magonigle visited Europe on a Rotch Travelling Scolarship during the years 1894-1896. The majority of his student and travel sketches date f rom those years and probably were produced while his travels were funde d by the scholarship.
Public Note:
Titles printed on labels attached to verso of the drawings.
Public Note: Scope:
The set consists of 3 ink & pencil drawings on paper mounted on board and 1 ink wash drawing on paper mounted on board.
Public Note: Provenance:
Gift of Mrs. Edith Magonigle, 1939.

Generic Subject:
Capitols. aat State capitols. aat
Competition drawings. aat Site plans. aat Bird's-eye views. aat Floor plans. aat Sections. aat Architectural drawings--American. aat Orthographic drawings. aat Elevations. aat
Generic Subject:
Architecture--Designs and plans--United States.
Added Creator:
Pencil drawings. aat Ink drawings. aat Ink wash drawings. aat
The Harold Van Buren Magonigle collection of architectural drawings. Slides

1. Plan : [bird's-eye view i ncluding interior floor plan and surrounding landscape].
NYDA.1939.001.02357. AVERYimage .
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2. [Elevation of rear or sou therly front]. 54.0 x 85.8 cm. (21 1/4 x 33 3/4 in.). Number "10" in colored pencil on lower right corner.
NYDA.1939.001.01829. AVERYimage .
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3. [Section on easterly and westerly axis]. 53.7 x 86.0 cm. (21 1/8 x 33 7/8 in.). Number "10" in colored pencil on lower right corner.
NYDA.1939.001.01830. AVERYimage .
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