Conference on Reindustrialization
Columbia University, November 9-10, 2001

The goal of the Conference on Reindustrialization was to discuss the prospects for the reindustrization of the United States. In particular, the reestablishment of a subway car industry was explored in detail. More generally, arguments for the importance of manufacturing and the techniques for achieving world-class manufacturing were offered. This conference was organized by Professor Seymour Melman, Industrial Engineering, Columbia University; Professor Nelson Fraiman, Business School, Columbia University; Professor Robert Paaswell, Civil Engineering, City University of New York; and Dr. Jon Rynn.

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Friday Evening

Introduction to Conference, Seymour Melman

Introduction of Participants

Jon Rynn on the centrality of manufacturing and production in the economy

Discussion of Jon Rynn's presentation

David Ellerman on Comparative Advantage

David Ellerman on workplace democracy

Discussion of David Ellerman's presentation

Wrapup of Friday Evening, Seymour Melman


Introduction to Saturday presentations, Seymour Melman

Robert Paaswell on best design of subways

Discussion of Robert Paaswell's presentation

Seymour Melman on the productivity of capital, part one

Seymour Melman on the productivity of capital, part two

Paul Dancik on management organization

Peter Norden on production scheduling

Discussion of Norden's presentation

Note: The remaining portions of the conference are in the process of being prepared for this website