Chapter 5

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Structure and preparation of Alkenes. Elimination Reactions

Additional Materials
Resources outside of Columbia

  • A review of ALKENE NOMENCLATURE is provided at this link.
  • Here are demonstrations of MARKOVNIKOV and ANTI-MARKOVNIKOV additions that are three dimensional and interactive. A downloadable movie showing MARKOVNIKOV additions is located here.
  • Here is an example of the SN2 REACTION. The example is in Chime. Select the space filling display for the best presentation. You can rotate the reacting system as the reaction proceeds to see how it going!
Resources at Columbia (308 Havemeyer)
- #15 E2 reactions
- #16 E1 reactions

Organic Reaction Mechanisms:
- Elimination Reactions
a) dehydration of n-butyl alcohol
b) E1 mechanism
c) E2 mechanism
d) proton loss from carbocations
- Carbocations
a) rearrangement with hydride shift
b) rearrangement forming an alkene