Chemistry C2408Spring Term, 2000
Tuesdays at 12:20 PM Room 209 Havemeyer Hall
Last revised: Thu 30 Mar 2000

One credit. Open to all students who have completed C/F1403 or C2407 or C3045. Also open to other students with permission of the instructor.

Part I

January 18Prof. Koji Nakanishi (Organic Chemistry)
"Natural Products & Chemisty. "
January 25 Prof. Ged Parkin (Inorganic Chemistry)
"Bond stretch Isomerism"
February 1 Prof. Louis Brus (Physical Chemistry)
February 8 Prof. Thomas Katz (Organic Chemistry)
"Molecules That are All Screwed Up."
February 15Prof. Ronald Breslow (Organic Chemistry)
"Chemistry Today and Tomorrow."
February 22 Prof. Dalibor Sames (Organic Chemistry)
"Building Artificial Enzymes"
February 29Prof. Virginia Cornish (Organic Chemistry)
"An in vivo Selection for Evolving Novel Catalysts."
March 7Prof. Jack Norton (Inorganic Chemistry)
"Organometallics and Bioinorganic Chemistry"

Part II
March 21Mark Kleinman
"Mobility of Small Molecules in Supramolecular Systems"
March 28Craig Parish
"Bioorganic Studies of Macular Degeneration"
April 4Prof. David Adams
"Spectroscopy of Single Molecules and Nanostructures"
April 11Prof. Nicholas Turro
"From the Philosopher's Tone to Boiling Stones to Smart Crystals"
April 18Prof. George Flynn
"Looking at Molecules on Surfaces: the view from one billionth of an inch"

Last revised: Thu 30 March 2000