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Forensic Science

1. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) - description of the FBI's Laboratory Division, Inspection Division and other FBI divisions.

2. New York Police Department (NYPD) Forensics Team - short description of this NYPD division.

3. United States Army Criminal Investigation Laboratories (USACIL) - a whole site dealing with this US Army division.

4. Forensics Agencies - a rich list of police-related forensic agencies.

5. US Fish and Wildlife Service Forensics Laboratory - the homepage for the world's first national and international wildlife forensics crime lab.

6. Florida State University (FSU) Forensics Science Division - the FSU Forensics Science Homepage.

7. Web of Justice - Another large collection of forensics sites.

8. Forensic Entomology - use of insect knowledge in criminal investigations and civil disputes.

9. American Academy of Forensics Sciences - homepage of this forensics science organization.

10. National Center for Forensic Science - homepage of this forensics science institution.

11. 1998 Symposium on Artificial Intelligence and Link Analysis - information on the use of artificial intelligence in forensics science.


Environmental Science

1. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) - homepage of the United States' most powerful environmental agency.

2. Other Federal Environmental Agencies - a list of environmental agencies associated with the United States government.

3. State Environmental Agencies - list of state environmental agencies within the United States.

4. International Environmental Agencies - yet another listing of environmental agencies, but international ones this time.

5. Environmental Newslink - current news on the state of the environment.

6. Environment News Service - another newsletter about the environment.

7. Greenpeace - homepage of an institution whose main objective is to safeguard the environment.

8. Environment Protection Department - homepage of this Malta-based institution that, by its name, also protects the environment.

9. The Green Lane - a Canadian environment-friendly newsletter.

10. Scorecard - an environmental information service

11. Air Pollution - environmental information on air pollution

12. The National Environmental Data Index (NEDI) - homepage of NEDI.

13. Environmental Information Services, Inc. - more stuff on the environment.


Materials Science

1. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) - the FDA homepage.

2. United States Department of Energy (DOE) - the homesite of the United States' DOE.

3. Pharmaceutical Companies - a list of pharmaceutical companies; most of which are attempting to create better and cheaper drugs.

4. San Diego Plastics, Inc. - a list of plastics and the plastics' properties.

5. Materials Science & Engineering Laboratory (MSEL) - the homepage of an institute which "improves the nation's standards for materials".

6. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Department of Materials Science and Engineering (MITDMSE) - MITDMSE's homepage.

7. Materials Engineering in Academia - list of links to schools with programs dealing with material science.

8. The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS) - homepage of the TMS.

9. Microworlds - homepage of this institution which provides the current research in the materials science.

10. NASA's Materials Science Division - homepage of this division.

11. Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) - homepage of a government agency dedicated to the sciences.