Chem G8313 2001

Readings and Problem Set 1

Problem Set to be discussed on Friday, January 26

This problem set deals specifically with primary photochemical processes that are considered in Chapter 10 of Modern Molecular Photochemistry, especially photoreactions of ketones. Unless specified, assume that the reactions are run at room temperature in an inert solvent and that secondary absorption of light by intermediates or (thermally) stable products is possible. Do not assume that the indicated product is the only product. If you feel it is a minor product, so indicate in your answer and also indicate what product(s) you would expect to be the major one(s). thus, although all the required reactants are listed in the equations, but some products and solvent may not be.

You should attempt to write mechanisms which are completely within the paradigms we have discussed in class. Only after exhausting this line of attack should you attempt to introduce something outside the paradigm. Constantly consider what at which level you are discussing the mechanism: at the level of the basic paradigm (fundamental assumptions or working paradigm), at the level of what is possible within the basic paradigm, at the level of what is probable within the basis paradigm and at the level of a proof of the proposed mechanism. It will take a while to become accustomed to these levels and the problem sets will allow you to drill yourself and practice thinking paradigmatically.

Readings which will be helpful in doing the problem set: