Chem G8313y 2001

Readings and Problem Set 2

To be discussed Friday, February 2, 2001

For each of the problems (1-7), suggest:

  1. a radical pair or a diradical intermediate that is expected to result from a primary photochemical process;
  2. an elementary step or series of elementary steps that lead to the indicated product;
  3. whether you expect the product shown to be a major product or a minor product;
  4. in any cases where you believe the product shown to be a minor product, the structure of what you believe the structure of the major product to be;
  5. in any cases where you believe the product shown to be the major product, the structure of a minor or side product.

Readings that will be helpful in doing the problem set:


For reviews of radical chemistry, see one or several of the following books (they will be put on reserve in the Chemistry Library):

  1. D. C. Nonhebel and J. C. Walton, "Free Radical Chemistry", Cambridge Press,1972.
  2. W. J. leNoble, "Highlights of Organic Chemistry", Dekker, 1974, Ch. 18.
  3. N. S. Issacs, "Reactive Intermediates in Organic Chemistry", Wiley, 1974, Ch. 5.
  4. T. H. Lowry and K. S. Richardson, "Mechanism and Theory in Organic Chemistry", Harper and Row, 3rd Edition, 1987, Ch. 9.
  5. F.A. Carey and R.J. Sundberg, "Advanced Organic Chemistry," 3rd Ed., 1990, Part A: Structure & Mechanisms, Chapter 12.