Turro Videos

Photochemistry Lecture videos: From the course Modern Molecular Organic Photochemisty, spring 2003. The course site holds thirteen lectures and covers all of the fundamental aspects of organic photochemistry through a mechanistic approach.

To access the lectures:

  • Step 1: click the link above
  • Step 2: click the "lectures" button on the left
  • Step 3: open a lecture by clicking on the "+" button adjacent each title
  • Step 4: click "full video" to see the entire lecture or select the segment you would like to see

NSF Video Presentation: This video, entitled "From the Philosopher's Stone to Boiling Stones to Smart Porous Crystals Called ZEOLITES", is designed for a lay audience and describes the applications of zeolites, which are important materials used in the catalytic and separation sciences. The relationship of the microscopic structure of these porous crystals and their properties are described.
Columbia University Lecture: This is a video presentation of "Paradigms Found, Paradigms Lost" from the Columbia University Lecture series. This video describes for a lay audience the paradigms that drive normal science and how novel science, which is paradigm shifting, may be either revolutionary or pathological and how the scientific process determines which is which. Also visit the site that describes how this video was made.
Frontiers in Science Lecture: "Light Meets Matter". This video describes for a lay audience the interaction between light and matter. Examples are given from the simple cases of the absorption of light by atoms and extended to the important examples of vision and photosynthesis.
Interview: "Developing and Using Information Technologies to Teach Chemistry". An interview with Professor Turro discussing the history of the development of information technologies at Columbia University in the 1990s
Starwars Video: "Link Video Here". A parady of Starwars for general chemistry. Password protected so email Prof. Turro for password.

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