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Summer 2016
Field Study Opportunity in East Asia

For ALL NCTA Alumni

Itinerary & Dates

China and Japan:
Cities: Tokyo, Kamakura, Sendai, Nara, Kyoto, Osaka, Shanghai, Xian, Beijing
Group I – China and Japan – 12 June to Chicago; 13 June to Beijing - 30 June return to Chicago from Tokyo
Group II – Japan and China – 03 July to Chicago; 04 July to Tokyo - 21 July return to Chicago from Beijing
Cost: $1850 check (due March 4, 2016) and $150 in cash for tip fund to be collected at Departure Orientation

Study Tour Goals

The goal of the Study Tour experience is to provide individual educators with professional development opportunities that will help expand their understanding of East Asia. As professional development opportunity for educators, the Study Tour is designed to provide a pivotal experience. It is the culmination of a period of classroom study (NCTA seminar or NCTA on-line offering) during which educators have acquired new professional expertise on East Asia. The Study Tour provides them with a practical experience helpful in utilizing this new expertise.The Study Tour will prepare educators to strengthen curriculum on East Asia in their school districts.

Study Tour Prerequisites

  1. A total of 30 hours in NCTA-sponsored professional development programs; these can be face-to-face seminars and workshops in their state, on-line 30-hour courses, on-line mini-courses, on-line simulcasts, or any combination thereof.
  2. Taught full-time for two years.
  3. Currently teaching or supervising curriculum areas with significant Asia content.
  4. Plan to teach or supervise full-time for the academic year following the Study Tour.
  5. If you have traveled previously on a NCTA Study Tour, you are NOT eligible to apply in 2016.

Application Deadline

February 5, 2016

Download the Application Packet (.doc format)

Please type all information directly into the forms and print them out in triplicate to submit your application.

The deadline for receipt of the completed application, delivered by post mail, is February 5, 2016. Applications sent by fax or email will not be accepted.

Applicants must submit their completed applications, by post mail and in triplicate,
by the February 5, 2016, deadline, to

Karen Kane, Weatherhead East Asian Institute, Columbia University
420 West 118th Street, Mail Code 3333, New York, NY 10027.

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