Columbia University, Spring 1998: History-Japan V3613



Buildings & Cities in Japanese History:

 The Golden Century, 1562-1657

This site was created by the undergraduate students of "Buildings and Cities in Japanese History" at Columbia University in the spring of 1998.  This was the first effort at Web design for the course as a whole and for most of the students as individuals, and was intended not as a complete and finished site but as a foundation on which future generations of the class might build.  The class has not yet been taught again, so the site now appears somewhat out-dated, and is offered as a document of the time at which it was created.
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    Shoin Style,  by Todd Lao 
    Gardens, by Elizabeth Kim 
    Teahouses, by Esha Janssens & Peter Wang 
         [available only from domain]
    Kyoto , by Eunice Choi & Edward Kiang 
    Edo , by Edward Wei
    Ma,  by Andrea Day