Contact Information

Instructor: Jill Shapiro

Office: 1011 Schermerhorn Extension. Please be aware that I spend part of my time in the physical anthropology lab on the 8th floor, as such, I am not always in my office. Having said that, I will ALWAYS be available in my office during office hours; students should not assume that I will be there at other times but are always welcome to come by to talk or simply to say hello if the door is open.

Office phone: 212 854-5819 (voice mail is checked daily and messages will be returned within two business days)

Office hours: Office hours will be posted in the E3B Department and on Courseworks at the beginning of each semester. Typically, there is a sign-up sheet on the physical anthropology lab door, room 865 Schermerhorn Ext. so that students can secure a set time. [It is placed there instead of on my office door since access to the 10th floor is limited after 6 pm and is not available on weekends.] There is no need to sign-up in advance but it saves waiting or the chance that I will be entirely booked for a given day.]

*Students who are unable to make my office hours are most welcome to arrange for alternate appointment times.

E-mail: [email protected] . Please be aware that that I do not have e-mail at home which means that it is not checked every week day (and rarely on Sundays. As such, keep in mind that it will likely take 2 business days for you to receive a response to any e-mail queries.