Week Two:

I'll Sing the Songs of Araby ("Araby")

I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marble Halls ("Eveline" and "Clay")

Week Three:

O Ye Dead ("The Dead")

Yes! Let Me Like a Soldier Fall ("The Dead")

Array'd for the Bridal ("The Dead")

The Lass of Aughrim ("The Dead")

Week Four:

Lilly Dale (Portrait, ch.1)

Week Five:

Sweet Rosy O'Grady (Portrait, ch.2)

Week Eight:

Seaside Girls (Ulysses, ch.4)

Love's Old Sweet Song (Ulysses, ch.4)

The Jewel of Asia--from the Geisha (Ulysses, ch.6)

Week Nine:

Joyce Reads from Aeolus (Ulysses, ch.7, pp. 116-117)

My Girl's A Yorkshire Girl (Ulysses, ch.10)

Week Ten:

The Shade of the Palm--from Floradora (Ulysses, ch.11)

Come Back Martha! Ah Return, Love (Ulysses, ch.11)

The Croppy Boy (Ulysses, ch.11)

Week Eleven:

There is a Flower That Bloometh (Ulysses, ch.15)

Week Thirteen:

In Old Madrid (Ulysses, ch.16)

Week Fourteen:

Waiting (Aspettando) (Ulysses, ch.18)

Excelsior -- J.C. Doyle (Ulysses, ch.18)

Molly's Soliloquy Read Aloud (Ulysses, ch. 18)

Week Fifteen:

Tim Finnegan's Wake (Finnegans Wake)

Joyce Reads from Anna Livia Plurabelle (Finnegans Wake)


Brian O'Linn

Hooligan's Christmas Cake

Come Lasses and Lads

At Trinity Chuch I Met My Doom

Off to Philadelphia

When Other Lips--from The Bohemian Girl