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Reading and Translating Links

  • Acronyms and Abbreviations The data base, consisting of more than 12.000 acronyms (words formed from the initial letters of the words of a compound term), is not "complete." There is a bias towards acronyms used in chemistry or spectroscopy.
  • Catalogue of Dictionaries includes a broad list of general and specialized dictionaries and dual-language readers available for students and researchers learning to read German.
  • False Friends in German lists all those tricky look-alikes from "After"(German for "rectum" and NOT for "after", which in German ="nach, nachher") to "winken" (German for "to wave" and NOT "to wink", which in German ="blinzern, zwinkern")
  • German-English Online Dictionary allows readers to enter words in English or German, but no German umlauts! (ä -> ae, ö-> oe, ü-> ue, ß->ss)
  • German for Reading Knowledge Companion Website provides keys to Übungssätze, grammar charts, and reading guides for the thirty chapter readings plus links to further reading on these topics.
  • German for Reading Knowledge "Tutorial" by Katherine Arens (University of Texas) — Help index on abbreviations, spelling, and grammar concepts; accompanies edition 4 of German for Reading Knowledge.
  • Google.de lets you search the world-wide-web IN GERMAN with the Germans.
  • Internet Handbook of German Grammar provides students, readers, and translators of German with a concise and comprehensive reference grammar ONLINE!
  • Online Flashcards for GfRK is a vocabulary learning tool assembled by a variety of student sources via "FlashcardExchange".
  • Online Translator Programs is a list of sites that provide text translations—a good start but be aware that computer-generated translations are only as good as the program!
  • Quizlet Flashcards for GfRK is a vocabulary and review tool assembled by a variety of GfRK learners using "Quizlet.com".
  • Sample German Reading Profiency Exams give students an idea from previous Intensive Elementary Reading German II courses what type of academic German texts one must be able to translate in two hours using a dictionary in order to pass the "German reading profiency exam".
  • "Wörterbücher und Lexika" On-line lists everything from dictionaries, keys to acronyms, and encyclopedia collections on-line. Have fun!