FUBiS 2013 Summer Stipend
Department of Germanic Languages
Columbia University

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CC, Barnard, GS Undergrads
in German V1102, V1201, V1202, or V1225

Funding from the Max Kade Foundation and the Germanistic Society of America allow the Department of Germanic Languages of Columbia University to offer up to 10 summer language scholarships to CC, Barnard, or GS undergrads who will have completed a full year (at least 8 credit points) of German language in Columbia's German languge program by May 2013.  

To apply: submit 1) application, 2) college transcripts, and 3) language evaluation from your current German language instructor. Deadline for completed applications is Friday, March 8, 2013.   Applications must be delivered by hand or campus mail to the Department of Germanic Languages, 414 Hamilton Hall, MC 2812; Attn: RAKorb.

Scholarships will be awarded based on academic achievement and German language aptitude.   The scholarship includes a travel grant, tuition for a 72-hour German language course and lodging at the FU Berlin's summer program, session III from July 13. to August 10, 2013. Details of the FUBiS Program are available at http://www.fubis.org/. (Go to FUBiS Term III for specific information on language courses 3.07-3.09 covered by this stipend.)

Scholarships includes partial reimbursement for travel, full tuition for the July 13 - Aug. 10, four-week, three-day a week intensive FUBiS language course and lodging associated with the program. All other costs are the responsibility of the student.   Courses covered by scholarship, are: Semi-Intensive Intermediate B1 (Kurs #3.07), Semi-Intensive Intermediate B2 (Kurs #3.08), and Semi-Intensive Advanced C1 (Kurs #3.09).

In order for FUBiS attendees to obtain academic credit (4 pts intermediate, 3 pts advanced) for FUBiS course work, students need to 1) submit corresponding FUBiS "Schein" (Trancript), 2) score accordingly on Columbia's placement exam, and 3) complete the next higher level of German language/literature in German with at least the grade of "B+". To receive advanced placement within Columbia's language program also depends on placement test results.   ALL awardees must complete the placement exam upon return to Columbia and before registering for FALL 2013 CU/BC German courses.   Later examinations exclude student from credits for summer study.

Returning students must submit an email statement summarizing his/her FUBiS experience, no later than September 20, 2013.

Who is eligible to apply? This opportunity is open to CC, Barnard, or GS undergraduates who have maintained an overall 3.0 GPA and who by May 2013 will have completed at least 8 credit points in German language courses in Columbia/Barnard's German language program with a grade of "B" or higher. These eight points must include a combination of:

V1101-V1102   (Elementary German I and II), and/or
V1125 (Accelerated Elementary German I and II),
V1201-V1202 (Intermediate German I and II),
V1225 (Accelerated Intermediate German I and II).

Please note: Conversational German and Reading German courses cannot be counted as part of the require 8 points.

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