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1) When I log into the online trip registration, it asks for my user name and password twice! What's the deal?
The online trip registration system uses two AcIS-provided services. Because both systems are separate from each other and both are secure, you need to provide your username and password to both of them.

2) When I try to log into the online trip registratrion, it says 'Access Denied'.
This could be a few things. First, if you are not officially registered for the class, you will not be able to sign up for any trips. The site only allows registered students to sign up for trips. If you are registered for the class, there could be something wrong with your AcIS account. Try logging into the Library's Request It! service. If you can't log in there, there is something wrong with your account. Email us your username and 5 trips you would like to attend. We will add you to the system manually and we try to get you access.

3) What's this '5 unattended trip' limitation? Why can't I just sign up for all the trips I want now?
This limitation is in place to prevent people from signing up for a trip just to get a spot, without the intention of actually going on the trip. If enough people do this, a trip's roster will be filled. For now, just sign up for 5 trips. When you attend a trip, you can sign up for another trip.

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