Postdoctoral Dental Education

Professional Life-Long Learning Plan

Step 2: Linking Objectives with Learning Activities and Evaluation
Step 4: Evidence of accomplishment

Step 1: Develop Learning Objectives

Write Your Own Objectives

Now it is your turn to develop your own learning objectives for this course. Using the objective levels and verbs as a guide, form your objectives based on your own ideas of what you would like to be able to do by the end of the course. It is not necessary to fill in every input field (one objective per field) or to have an objective for every level; just try to be specific and complete in regard to your own goals for learning.

Domain Level Verbs Your Objectives
Cognitive Knowledge:
Recall of previously learned information
Define, repeat, list, record, identify, recall, name, describe, diagram, draw
Understanding concepts, explaining and discussing in own words
Restate, discuss, explain, report, review, teach
Understanding content and structure to be able to break something into constituent parts
Distinguish, analyze, differentiate, compare, contrast, calculate, predict, criticize, debate, solve, examine, give examples
Ability to use previously learned material in new, concrete situations
Translate, interpret, apply employ, use, illustrate, employ, dramatize, predict, makes inferencesappropriately, recognize new instances, administer
Creatively put information together to form a new diagnosis or treatment plan
Compose, plan, propose, design, formulate, arrange, assemble, prepare, construct, create, set up organize, arrange.
Use all skills previously learned to judge the value of something
Estimate, measure, assess, rate, revise, critique.
Affective/Attitude Receiving Attend to, be alert, be aware, be conscious, be sensitive, listen, observe, prefer, remember Be sensitive to the patient's financial situations when creating a treatment plan.
Responding Assume, comply, consider, contribute, cooperate, display, engage, enrich, exhibit, explore, extend, look, obey, participate, perform, practice, respond, and volunteer Volunteer to attend community based health fairs. Participate in health center outreach programs.
Valuing Accept, assume, be loyal to, continue to desire, devote, enable, examine, feel, influence, initiate, grow, and participate Assume a nonjudgmental approach to care.
Organization Crystallize, form judgment, judge, regulate, relate, and weight Judge the appropriateness of using implantology techniques to critically ill patients.
Psychomotor Observation Find, locate, observe, recognize, and sort Find information in data bases
Imitation Build, construct, demonstrate, draw, express, measure, mend, operate, perform, play, run, complete and use Perform a systematic oral examination.Complete a Denture Record Chart in a comprehensive and accurate manner.

Use laminates.
Practice Repair, restore, replace, write, extract Restore amalgams.

Extract teeth.
Adaptation Adapt, administer, make, construct, create, manipulate, plan, produce, promote, and regulate Administer local anesthesia.