Postdoctoral Dental Education

Professional Life-Long Learning Plan

Step 4: Evidence of Accomplishment

Portfolio Guidelines

The porfolio shall be developed and maintained by the student online, using the web-based Forum for AEGD (see Module 4: Student Portfolio). The completed portfolio shall consist of the following parts:

  1. A title page and table of contents.
  2. A formal professional Curriculum Vita.
  3. A Professional Life-Long Learning Plan, developed by the resident and reviewed and approved by the program director.
  4. A completed summary sheet with the competency and proficiency statements listed and the signature of the responsible faculty member. Any procedure observation forms that were used can be included in this section.
  5. Documentation of two formal treatment planning seminar presentations. The treatment plan presentation shall include formal documentation of:
    i. complete patient history
    ii. dental examination
    iii. mounted study models and photographs of the patient's pre-treatment condition
    iv. diagnosis of the patient's conditions
    v. alternate treatment plans that could be accomplished for this patient
    vi. write-up of the treatment plan presentation
    vii. mounted print photographs of the x rays and clinical slides.
  6. Documentation of three cases involving multi-disciplinary comprehensive care. c. The documentation for two of the cases shall include:
    i. A complete write-up of the patient's history, examination, and treatment plan and effect of patient's psychological, medical, or oral conditions on the treatment plan.
    ii. Mounted prints of photographs of the patient's pre-operative condition and post-operative condition.
    iii. A write-up summarizing the treatment performed, special considerations, problems, or modifications encountered and prognosis and plans for further care.
    In the third write, the patient involved shall be someone with a complex medical, dental, and social situation where there are non-dental factors that impact on the treatment plan and/or delivery of dental services. This write up shall describe how the patient’s complex medical, dental, and social situation affected the treatment plan or the delivery of dental services. The resident shall make one formal case presentation in front of the faculty and other residents documenting complex, multi-disciplinary, comprehensive care. The case presentation shall include the items listed above with slides substituted for mounted prints.
  7. Documentation of measures of the following statements of provision of dental care in practice, community, and inter-professional settings:
    i. Treat patients efficiently in a dental practice setting.
    ii . Use scheduling systems and insurance and financial arrangements to maximize production in dental practice.
    iii . Support the program's mission statement by acting in a manner to maximize patient satisfaction in a dental practice.
    iv. Use and implement accepted sterilization, disinfection, universal precautions and occupational hazard prevention procedures in the practice of dentistry.
    v. Provide patient care by working effectively with allied dental personnel, including performing sit down, four-handed dentistry.
    vi. Provide dental care as a part of an inter-professional health care team such as that found in a hospital, institution, or community health care environment.
    Measures shall be desiged and executed by the resident; a single measure can be used for more than one statement. The results of these evaluation efforts will be summarized in writing and presented to the program director or assistant program director for approval. Possible measures are:
    i. a patient questionnaire to be given to the resident's own patients
    ii. a feedback form for feedback from the program staff
    iii. a structured interview of two program staff or faculty
    iv. a signed write up describing participation in a community program
    v. other measure approved by the program director or assistant program director.
  8. Write up of literature-based treatment considerations for treatment of two patients. This project will take the form of written documentation of two library research activities concerning the medical consideration for dental care or dental procedure outcomesof a patient assigned to the resident. These two write-ups will be at least one page each plus literature search and references, use at least 3 referenced sources, and include information about the patient’s history, a summary of the referenced literature, and conclusions for treatment of that patient.
  9. Write up of literature-based considerations for use of a dental material or procedure. This project will involve gathering and evaluating information about a new dental material or procedure. It will take the form of a written report. This write-up will be at least one page plus literature search and references, use at least 3 referenced sources, and include a summary of the referenced literature and conclusions about the use of the material or procedure in dental practice.
  10. Write up of a dental records evaluation project, analyzing outcomes from the resident’s own records. It will take the form of a structured record review with written documentation, analysis, and conclusions.
  11. A section for other evidence (i.e. operative reports, certificates of completion of specific training sessions, etc.)
  12. Other sections dictated by inclusion of other evidence approved by the program director.