Postdoctoral Dental Education

Professional Life-Long Learning Plan

Step 2: Linking Objectives with Learning Activities and Evaluation
Step 4: Evidence of accomplishment

The Planning Process

Developing the Professional Life-Long Learning Plan is a multi-step process that allows you to organize your learning experience according to your own individual learning priorities and style. Each individual gathers, interprets, organizes, and thinks about information in different ways, the Individualized Learning Plan allows you to accommodate your own ways into your AEGD learning experience.


We hope that the Professional Learning Plan will:


The Professional Learning Plan include the following components:

Program Competencies: The AEGD competencies are written statements describing the levels of knowledge, skills and values required by residents to perform independently an aspect of dental practice after completing the program.

Learning Objectives: Learning objectives are statements of specific tasks or behaviors that students should be able to perform after participating in a lecture, course of study, or set of learning activities.

Educational Activities: Educational activities are basic activities that will help you move from initial ways of behaving to those that have been set up as learning objectives. Examples of activities at the resident level are: lectures, group discussions, laboratories, supervised patient care

Documentation/Evaluation: Focused, time-dependent activity or documentation undertaken to assess if learning objectives have been accomplished.