Compression, Tension, Shear, Bending, Torsion
1) Two basic forces: Compression & Tension
2) A combination of compression and tension: Shear & Bending
3) A combination of the above four forces: Torsion
Compression: compression is the direct expression of the force, which pushes
everything towards the center of an object.
Tension: the opposite of compression; the force which pulls everything away from
the center; where there is a compressive force, there must be a tensile force.
Shear: shear is present, when two forces are thrusting in opposite directions but
offset and slide past each other.
Bending: is found between the pulling of tension and the pushing of compression.
Torsion: a result of all the other four forces. Torsion is twist. Torsion is actually a
specialized bending, a circular bending.