Fall 04 AGU special Session From the initiating session on The Earth Sciences, Human well-being and Global Poverty


       OneWorldWeek   Power point presentation to One World Week at the University of Warick, January 2005 

                                      See also to Forum publication at Forum Publication


Roundtable on sustainable development at NSF December 2007

Project Summary_roundtable

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Commentaries and Reports

        The natural_disaster_vulnerability of America's Urban Black Population   Draft report to the National Black Causus of States Institute.

Hurricane Havoc 100604   Miami Herald Op Ed

         Reflections on a Boxing Day Tragedy   Some thoughts written on January 1st 2005

         Oil, Climate Change and Security    Remarks made at the Environmental Defense hosted conference on :environment and security

        "Don't Blame Nature for Katrina's Victims"   Thoughts on the anniversary of the Katrina disaster. 

         Remarks to the Iowa City Foreign Relations Committee; Counting victims from Darfur to New Orleans

In the News Media

        Claudia Dreifus - A Conversation With John Mutter (NY Times)

        Columbia geophysicist wants 'full' Katrina death toll  Associated Press story on the Katrina Victims list project

       Study tries to identify uncounted storm victims Times Picayune of New Orleans story on the Katrina Victims List project

        Toward a comprehensive death count  Biloxi Sun Herald story 11/18/06 on Katrina Victims list project