Supplementary Communal Award/1/

"Then there was the question of the representation of communities in the Centre, particularly of the Muslim community. There, I think, I can say definitely÷1 think I have said it indirectly very often before ÷ that the Government consider that the Muslim community should have a representation 33 1/3 percent  in the Federal Centre. As far as Indian India is concerned that must be a matter for arrangement between the communities affected and the princes, but, so far as the British Government has any part in the question we will, at any time, give our good offices to making it as easy as possible for the arrangement between those parties with regard to the future allocation of seats."


/1/ The Communal Award of His Majesty's Government (Appendix XVIII) did not give any decision regarding the Muslim claim for 33 1/3 percent  representation in the Central Government. The decision of His Majesty's Government on this claim was announced by the Secretary of State for India on 24th December 1932 in the course of his statement to the Third Round Table Conference.

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