Economics s112 Money and Banking
Economics s120 Corporation Finance
Economics s205 Modern Economic Theories
Sociology s102 Principles of Sociology--Historical
Economics s125 The Classical Economists
French sA1 Elementary Course
German sA1 Elementary Course
Economics 101-102 Science of Finance
Economics 125 The Economic Problems of Germany
Economics 201 Econ. Readings: Classical English Economists
Economics 207 Principles and Methods of Statistics
Economics 210 Social Statistics
Economics 204 History of Economics since Adam Smith
Sociology 151 Principles of Sociology--Analytical
Sociology 256 Social Statistics
Economics 206 Economic Theory
Economics 106 The Trust & Corporation Problem
Economics 205 Economic Theory
Economics 114 Marx & Post-Marxian Socialism
Economics 104 Commerce & Commercial Policy
Economics 304 Seminar in Political Economy & Finance
Sociology 258 The Theory of Social Evolution
Economics 303 Seminar in Political Economy & Finance
History 226 The Protestant Revolt
Economics 105 The Labor Problem
Economics 108 Railroad Problems--Econ. Social & Legal
Economics 109 History of Socialism
Economics 242 Radicalism & Soc. Reform in 19th Cent. Lit.
History 103 History of India & of Persia
History 121 Hist. of Intellectual Class in Europe--I
History 122 Hist. of Intellectual Class in Europe--II
History 228 The Reforms of the French Revolution
Economics 119 Economic History
Economics 211-212 Statistical Economics
Politics 107 Comparative Politics & Government
Politics 108 Comparative Politics & Government
Sociology 255-256 Soc. Evol. Ethnic & Civil Origin--Lib. & Democracy
Philosophy 231 Psych. Ethics & Moral & Political Philosophy
History 155-156 Origins European Society: Soc. & Indust., Mod. Engl.
Economics 301-302 Seminar in Political Economics & Finance
History 226 Europe in the 12th & 13th Centuries
Economics 228 Types of Economic Theory
History 169-170 The Expansion of Europe: 1st & 2nd Phases
History 223 Primitive Institutions in European History
Philosophy 179-180 Present Day Philos. & Problems of Evolution
Anthropology 137-138 General Ethnology--Primitive Man & Physic. Envir.
Anthropology 139-140 Gen'l Ethn. Prim. Religion & Mythology--Soc. Org.
Economics e183 Development of Railroad Transportation
Philosophy 131-132 Moral & Political Philosophy
Politics 214 The Principles of Politics

Source: Office of the Registrar, Columbia University.
This list was transcribed by FWP from a rather dark and blurry xerox; abbreviations have been retained.