the turbulent, complex 1700s 

Paintings with ZOOM capabilities (mostly FAMSF):
=Mughal provincial style, c.1700: *Untitled (two elephants in combat)*
=Mughal style, early 1700's: *"Sultan Rafi' ul-Qadar Standing in a Field"*
=Mewar style, early 1700's: *"The Demon Ravana in his Stronghold"*
=northern Mughal style, early 1700's: *"Encounter Beside a Riverbank"*
=Mewar style, c.1720: *"Two Doves in a Landscape"*
=Mewar style, early 1700's: Pages from a mss. of the Panchakhyane: [one]; [two]
=Kulu Pahari style, 1700-1725: *"Krishna being Rebuked by a Lady"*
=Mankot style, about 1720: *"The Infant Krishna Carried Across the Jumna River"*
=Mandi Pahari style, c.1725:  *"Hanuman's Audience with Rama"*
=Kotah style, c.1725-1750:  *"Varati Ragini"*
=Kulu Pahari, c.1730: *"Radha and Krishna on a Balcony"*
=Kishangarh style, 1730-40: *"Lady Playing a Tanpura"*
=Hyderabad, c.1730s, some yogis drinking intoxicants: ["Untitled"]
=Mughal style, early 1700's: *"Encounter Beside a Riverbank"*
=Chamba Pahari style, c.1750: *"Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma Pay Homage to the Great Goddess"*
=Deccan, c.1760, attrib. to Zaka'ullah Dihlavi: *"Man and Woman Seated on a Terrace"*
=Kishangarh style, c.1760, attrib. to Nihal Chand: *"Raja Savant Singh and Bani Thani..."*
=Kashmiri style, late 1700's: *"Ganesh and an Attendant Seated on Tigers"*
=Kashmir style, late 1700's: *"Rama and his Brother Lakshman...shooting...Ravana"*
=Bundi style, late 1700's: *"Krishna Holding Aloft Mt. Govardhan"*
=Pahari style, 1750-1780: *"Divan Garah Singh"*
=Jammu style, c.1770-80: *"A Princess Listens to an Old Woman"*
=Mandi Pahari style, c.1770-75: *"Durga Killing a Buffalo Demon"*
=Mandi Pahari style, c.1770-75: *"A Man Greets a Prince"*
=Bilaspur Rajput style, 1775-1800, Shiva and his family: *"The Holy Family"*
=Lucknow style, c.1780: *"Dancers Entertaining Nawab Zulfiqar ud-Daulah and his Guests"*
=Lucknow style, c.1780: *"...Alam Bahadur Badshah and the Great Commanders"*
=Lucknow style, c.1780 *"Navab Imad ul-Mulk at a Banquet"*
=Lucknow style, c.1780, Mihr Chand: *"Portrait of Navab Shuja' ud-Daulah"*
=Lucknow style, c.1780, Mihr Chand: *"Portrait of Asad Khan Alamgir"*
=Lucknow style, c.1780: *"The Fort and Royal Palace of Shah Jahan"*
=Lucknow style, c.1780: *"Women's Dancing Party"*
=Lucknow style, c.1780: *"Acrobats Performing on a Tightrope for a Women's Dancing Party"*
=Lucknow style, c.1780: *"The Gardens and Waterfalls of Kashmir"*
=Lucknow style, c.1780: *"The Lake of Kashmir, with the Gardens"*
=Lucknow style, c.1780: *"Frontispiece from the Lady Coote Album"*
=Lucknow style, c.1780: Pages of calligraphy from the Lady Coote Album: [six pages]
=watercolor, 1782: *"A Lady Working With Homing Pigeon"*
=Kishangarh Rajput, c.1790: *"Maharajah of Kishangarh Conversing..."*
=Devgarh style, c.1790: *"Horse Fight"*
=Mughal style, 1700's: *"Todi Ragini"*
=Jodhpur style, 1700's: *"Phata Singh of Ratlam"*
=Kishangarh style, late 1700's: *A Lady Seated on a Throne"*
=Bundi style, late 1700's: *"Couple Seated in Front of a Pavilion"*
=Kotah style, 1770-90's: *"Krishna and Radha Embracing in a Bower"*
=Bundi style, 1700s-1800's: *"Portrait of a Prince"*

=Various Rajasthani paintings from the period: IGNCA: [site]

=KHAN MUHAMMAD MIRZA'S mosque, 1706, Dhaka, Bangladesh: [site]

=JANTAR MANTAR, Jai Singh's famous observatory in Delhi, 1725: [site]; images from ArchNet [site]; from art-and-archaeology [site]

=BARA IMAMBARA, 1784, Lucknow, Archnet: [site]

=Bidriware ewer from the Deccan, 1700's, ARTSMIA: [site]

=RANGANATHA temple, Shrirangam, Tamilnadu, 1600's-1900's: art-and-archaeology [site]

=FRANCOIS BALTHASAR SOLVYNS, A Collection of Two Hundred and Fifty Coloured Etchings: Descriptive of the Manners, Customs and Dresses of the Hindoos (Calcutta, 1796, 1799): online through the Univ. of Texas: [site]


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