the time of Akbar

"The Art of the Mughals before 1600," an interpretive site at the Metropolitan Museum: [site]

Havell, E. B., A Handbook to Agra and the Taj, Sikandra, Fatehpur-Sikri, and the Neighbourhood (1904): [on this site]

Paintings with ZOOM capabilities (FAMSF and ARTSMIA):
=c.1525: *"The Gopies Seek Krishna in the Forest"*
=Mughal, c.1562-1577: *"Battle Between Hamza's Forces, Demons, and Fairies"*
=northern Mughal, c.1580-1610: *"Krishna and Attendant with Cranes"*
=Mughal, c.1600: *"Majnun in the Wilderness"*
=Mughal, c.1600: two animal paintings by Miskin: [two studies]

Persian paintings from the same period, for comparison (FAMSF): 
=*"Ascent of Mohammed (c.1570)"*
=*"Lady Reading by a Pool (c.1570)"*
=*"A Prince Carrying a Falcon"*

From Akbar's time, from the Berger Collection:
=Delhi: Humayun's tomb (built by his widow Hajji Begam in 1564); in two sections: [two sets]
=Fatahpur Sikri (1570's), Akbar's own city built under his personal supervision; in four sections: [four sets]

From Akbar's time :
=Fatahpur Sikri, from DSAL: [site]
=ARTSMIA: ["Architectural Relief Panel Depicting Lilies"]

=Gregory Minissale, "The Synthesis of European and Mughal Art in the Emperor Akbar’s Khamsa of Nizami": on the AsianArt website: [site]

=The tombs of the Qutb Shahis of Golconda, with discussion: [site]

=An interactive ZOOM-able world map from 1565, at the National Geographic website: [site]. Click on "Historical Maps" at the left, then choose "General," then when the small window opens you will see this map as the first selection.

=Archnet Digital Library architectural images, 1500's-- many sets: [site]

=Medieval religious manuscript images (Muslim, Hindu, Jain, Sikh), from the Schoyen Collection: [site]; it has an especially strong Buddhist manuscript collection: [site]


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