the BCE

=ROCK ART-- Many lovely examples of prehistoric rock art from all over South Asia, from IGNCA: [site]

=Early rock carvings from Northern Pakistan: [site]

=Early rock carvings from Bhimbetka, near Bhopal: [site]

=INDUS VALLEY CIVILIZATION-- Spectacular seals (gorgeous, controversial, as yet undeciphered), statues, clay toys, ruins of great cities, mostly dating from c. 3000 to c. 1500 BCE, at the wonderful Harappa website: [site]

="Life of the Buddha," a study site from the Metropolitan Museum: [site]


=SANCHI, dating from c.2nd/1st c. BCE onwards:  from the Berger Collection [three sets]; from AIIS at U. Penn: [site]; and over 600 images from AIIS/DSAL: [site]; and an excellent interpretive overview from art-and-archaeology: [site]

=BARABAR caves, Buddhist, c.260 BCE, from AIIS/DSAL: [site]

=SUDAMA cave, c. 261 BCE (? or later), from AIIS/DSAL: [site]

=BHAJA, Buddhist rock-cut temples, Pune, c. 100 c. BCE, from AIIS/DSAL: [site]; from AIIS at U. Penn: [site]; and from the Berger Collection: [one set]

=BHARHUT (c.100-80 BCE), a Buddhist site in Madhya Pradesh famous for its vividly decorated railing. Images: AIIS/DSAL [site]; IGNCA [site]

=AJANTA, from 2nd-1st c. BCE onwards for centuries (Buddhist, Jain, Hindu), several hundred images from AIIS/DSAL: [site]; and more from the Berger Collection: [two sets]; and from IGNCA: page [one]; [two]; [three]; [four]; [five]; and good presentations from art-and-archaeology: [site


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