up to about
1200 CE 


=REMEMBER-- MANY DATES ARE UNCERTAIN, and construction at many sites has a variety of patrons, and goes on for centures.

=KARLE, a Buddhist rock-cut temple, Deccan, c.75-90 CE, from AIIS at U. Penn.: [site]; from the Berger Collection: [one set]

=BEDSA caves, near Poona; and
=KUDA caves, in Rajasthan: images of both from AIIS U. Penn.: [site]

=BEGRAM, Afghanistan, ivory carvings, c.1st c., AIIS/DSAL: [ site ]

=AMARAVATI (2nd c. CE), Andhra Pradesh, now in ruins but once a magnificently decorated stupa complex. Images from AIIS/DSAL: [site]; from IGNCA: *01*, *02*, *03*, *04*.

=NAGARJUNAKONDA (2nd-3rd c. CE), Andhra Pradesh: another early Buddhist site, now also in ruins. AIIS/DSAL: [site]; IGNCA: [site]

=KANHERI near Bombay, Buddhist rock-cut temples (2nd c. CE onwards), from the AIIS/DSAL collection: [site]  Berger Collection: [one set]

=BAGH CAVES, 300's-600's, near Dhar in Madhya Pradesh; frescoes from IGNCA: [site]

=UDAIGIRI, Orissa, rock-cut Hindu temples, very early 400's: Berger Collection [site]; art-and-archaeology: [site]

=SARNATH, the Great Stupa, outside Varanasi, where the Buddha first started turning the Wheel of the Law (early, but totally rebuilt, maybe 5th c.), from DSAL [site]; and from the Berger Collection : [one set]; from art-and-archaeology: [site]

=DEOGARH near Lalitpur, UP, Vishnu temples, 5th c., AIIS/DSAL:  [site]

=AIHOLE, Karnataka, mostly from the 5th c. onwards, 600 images from AIIS/DSAL: [site], and more from the Berger Collection: [three sets]; art-and-archaeology: [site]

=ELEPHANTA, on an island in Bombay Harbor, 6th c.: AIIS/DSAL: [site]; Berger: [one set]; art-and-archaeology: [site]

=BADAMI, in Karnataka, Vaishnava and Shaivite temples, 4th-7th c. AIIS/DSAL: [site]; Berger: [site]; art-and-archaeology: [site]; some huge wonderful images of the four cave temples: [site]

=SAS-BAHU TEMPLES in Nagda, Mewar, 6th-7th c., from art-and-archaeology: [site]

=NALANDA, the great Buddhist university in Bihar, c.7th-9th c.: images from AIIS/DSAL: [site]

=BAMIAN (c. 5th-9th c.), two sites devoted to the great Buddhas destroyed by the Taliban in 2001: the Huntington Archives one [site] and the AIIS/DSAL one [site]

= Barry Flood, "Between Cult and Culture: Bamiyan, Islamic Iconoclasm, and the Museum," Art Bulletin 84,4 (Dec. 2002): [site]

=KANCHIPURAM, Hindu temples in Tamilnadu, c.7th c., AIIS/DSAL [site]; and Berger [site]

=Dvavarati style, 700's: ["Head of the Buddha"]

=The SALT RANGE MOUNTAINS-- Hindu and Buddhist temples of the Salt Range Mountains in Pakistan, dating from the 6th to the early 11th centuries; a scholarly website: [site]

=MAMALLAPURAM, or MAHABALIPURAM, later 7th c., South Indian temples, images from AIIS/DSAL: [site]; and Berger [five sets]; art-and-archaeology: [site]

=ELLORA, 7th-8th c. rock-cut Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain temples near Aurangabad that were carved out over centuries:  AIIS/DSAL: [site]; Berger, [five sets]; IGNCA, pages [one]; [two]; art-and-archaeology: [site]

=PURI and BHUBANESHWAR, temples in Orissa, 7th c. onwards: AIIS/DSAL [site]; Berger on Puri [two sets]; Berger on Bhubaneshwar [four sets]

=JAIN temple sites: "jain world" [site] and "jaina" [site]

=PATTADAKAL, Karnataka, early 8th c.: beautifully presented by art-and-archaeology [site]

=SHRAVANABELGOLA, Jain pilgrimage site Karnataka, early 8th c.: art-and-archaeology [site]

=OSIAN temples, Hindu and Jain, 8th-9th c., Rajasthan, from art-and-archaeology: [site]

="THE NATURE OF ISLAMIC CALLIGRAPHY," a great study site from the Met: [site]

="DEVI, the Great Goddess," a lovely, labyrinthine online exhibit sponsored by the Sackler Museum: [site]

=AMBIKA MATA TEMPLE, 961 CE, near Jagat, Rajasthan, in a lovely presentation from art-and-archaeology: [site]

=KHAJURAHO, the magnificent temple complex in Madhya Pradesh, c.10-11th century,  AIIS/DSAL: [site]; Berger Collection: [four sets]; art-and-archaeology: [site]

=MOUNT ABU, Jain temples in Rajasthan, 11th c. on: AIIS/DSAL: [site]

=RANAKPUR, Jain temples in Rajasthan, 12th c. on: art-and-archaeology [site]; Berger [three sets]

=BRIHADISHVARA or RAJARAJESHVARA temple, Thanjavur (Tanjore), 1003-1010: Berger [two sets]; art-and-archaeology: [site]

=CHENNAKESHAVA temple, Belur, 1117: art-and-archaeology [site]

=HOYSALESHVARA temple, Halebid, 12th c.: art-and-archaeology [site]

=KESHAVA temple, Somnathpur, Karnataka, 1268: art-and-archaeology [site]

=Images with ZOOM capabilities, from ARTSMIA:
    "Shiva Nataraja," Chola bronze, late 10th c.: [site]
    "Shiva's Family," buff sandstone, about 1000: [site]
    "Stele of Vishnu," grey schist, 11th c.: [site]

=ANGKOR WAT, Cambodia's gorgeous twelfth-century tribute to Hindu epic cosmology and myth: [site

=JAISALMER FORT, built in the 1100's: [site]


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