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Paintings with ZOOM capabilities (FAMSF):
=Kashmir style, from an illustrated Shah Nama, c.1800: [ten leaves]

=Kotah style, elephant and mahout, c.1800: *"Untitled"*
=Deccan style, c.1800: *"Durga"*
=Orissa style, c.1800: Illustrations of the Gita Govinda: [three illustrations]
=Orissa style, c.1800: *"Krishna and Balarama with the Giant"*
=Jodhpur style, c.1800: *"A Rajah with Eighteen Attendants"*
=Devgarh style, c.1800: *"Rawal Raghavdas, son of Jasvant Singh of Devgarh"*
=watercolor, 1808, Thomas Rowlandson: *"India House: The Sale Room"*
=Mandi style, c.1800-1810: *"The Holy Family"* (of Shiva)
=watercolor, c.1820: *"Krishna Fluting for Radha"*
=Jodhpur style, early 1800's: *"Javan Singh of Merta"*
=Mewar style, early 1800's: *Mahara'o Bhim Singh of Kotah Killing Khilich Khan"*
=Mewar style, early 1800's: *"A Tikhana (Nobleman) of Mewar"*
=Kangra style, early 1800's: *"Portrait of a Lady"*
=Mewar Style, c.1830: *"Maharana Javan Singh with Companions Bathing in a Pool"*
=Company style, c.1830: *"Ashoka Column Outside Delhi"*
=Company style, c.1830: *"Auspicious Plan of General David Ochterlony's Garden"*
=Company style, c.1830:  *"Portrait of an English Doctor..."*
=Company style, c.1835: Two studies of the inlay work on the Taj Mahal: *one* and *two*
=Maratha style, early 1800's: *"Rajah Sahuji of the Sisodya Clan"*
=Jodhpur style, early 1800's: *"Jodha Duganath Singh"*
=Kishangarh style, 1800's: *"A Lady at a Shrine"*
=Rajasthani, 1800's: *"Composite Camel"*
=Company style, 1800's: *"A Man Selling a Bundle of Firewood"*
=Kalighat style, c.1840-1860: *"Woman and Child"*
=Charles Stewart Hardinge, c.1846-47, 27 color lithographs: ["Recollections of India"]
=watercolor over photograph, c.1880: *"A Seated Rajput or Sikh Prince"*
=Bundi style, 1800's: *"Lady Attended by Two Maids..."*
=Bundi style, 1800's: *"Killing the Buffalo Demon"*
=Nathdwara style, 1800's: *"Two Priests Worshipping an Image of Krishna Sri Nath-ji"*
=Jaipur style, late 1800's: *"Shrine of Sri Nath-ji"*
=Jaipur style, late 1800's: *"Seated Couple with Attendants"*
=Jaipur style, late 1800's: *"Battle Scene from a Ramayana"*
=Bundi/Mewar style, 1800's-1900's: *"Elephant Breaking its Chains"*
=Bundi/Mewar style, 1800's-1900's: *"Maharana of Mewar Chased by an Elephant"*

=ANU images of British imperial Delhi: [site]

=PATVON KI HAVELI, 1805, Jaisalmer: [site]

=A ZOOM-able map of Varanasi, drawn in 1876 by Kailashnath Shukla, called "Kashidarpana" [site

=Archaeological Survey of India: Report for the year 1871-1872: "Delhi" by J. D. Beglar; "Agra" by A. C. L. Carlleyle (1874): [site]

=HENRY COUSENS'S INDIA, 1870-80's: The British Library has 855 photos by him with excellent information, and zoom capabilities; do a search for "henry cousens": [site]

=A good exhibit on British Indian coins at the Reserve Bank of India Coin Museum: [site]


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