==A fantastically good ART HISTORY SITE, beautifully catalogued and described: [site]

=="Asian Historical Architecture," with a number of Indian and Pakistani monuments analyzed in some detail: [site]

==An excellent TIMELINE of South Asian art history, at the Metropolitan Museum: [site]

=="Monuments of India," well-organized and intelligent commentary: [site]

==An interesting architectural history of South Asia from a site called IndiaNest (scroll down): [site]

==BRITISH LIBRARY IMAGES ON LINE, a real treasure trove: [site]; and EVEN BETTER: their new "Collect Britain" database, with over 15,000 South Asian images: [site]

==The BERGER COLLECTION, a huge online treasure trove of marvelous (but inadequately labelled) images.You might like to check out its home page. Here is its main India index page-- scroll down in the left frame for specific locations.

==FAMSF (The Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco), committed to providing online access to great art: its home page.

==The AIIS Collection, at the Univ. of Penn. website makes many images available: [site]

==DSAL, the Digital South Asia Library, a superb resource center that is constantly putting more and more image collections online: [site]

==ArtServe, from ANU, now contains many very large architectural images from India: [site]

=="The Huntington Archiveof Buddhist and Related Art"-- wonderful variety and depth, especially for things Nepali: [site]; and with a major new image database: [site]

==Ames Library Digital Image Base, a search tool, Univ. of Minnesota: [site] an excellent website for illustrated articles and other scholarly art-historical resources of various kinds: [site] a gorgeous website devoted to Tibetan Buddhist art: [site]

==Historical and modern architectural images, many with an Islamic emphasis, including much South Asian material: [site]. The collection includes historical sites from India [site] and from Pakistan [site]

=="Art History Resources on the Web"-- an unrivalled global inventory: [site]

==Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts-- Click on "Digital Images" to see their long (and increasing) list of image sets: [site]

=="The Great Mirror," a global website on cultural geography by Bret Wallach, with lots of wonderful Indian material: [site]

=="AskAsia," instructional resources for teachers: [site]

==New York Public Library: lots of 19th-century photographs of Indian "types," perhaps better things to come: [site]

==COIN research: Ancient Coins Canada: [site]; V-Coins: [site]


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