modern times:
the 1900s

=William Henry Jackson photos, 1890s, in the Library of Congress collection: [India]; [Pakistan]; [Bangladesh]

="Armchair travel in India c.1900: the stereoscopic experience"-- great images, well-organized, at Ames Library, Univ. of Minnesota: [site]

="Progress Report from the Archaeological Survey of Western India," 1898, with many illustrations, on the DSAL website: [site

=Many wonderful photos by the first well-known Indian photographer, Lala Deen Dayal (1844-1905): [site]

==Maqbool Fida Husain (1915- )==
="Augmented Nationalism: The Nomadic Eye of Painter M.F. Husain (b. 1915)," by Shyamal Bagchee, in Asian Arts, June 1998, on the AsianArt website: [site]
=M. F. Husain, "An Artist and a Movement," Frontline 14,16 (Aug. 9-22, 1997): [site]
=M. F. Husain, "Pilgrimage on a Bullock Cart" (1957): [site]

="A walk beside the Yamuna"-- an educational site about modern views of Mughal monuments: [site]

="Deities, Courtiers, and Lovers"-- an educational guide to South Asian paintings in the Berkeley Museum: [site]

=A lively and lovely website on painted trucks in Pakistan: [site]

=Bernard Cesarone, "Pata-Chitras of Orissa: An Illustration of Some Common Themes," on the AsianArt website: [site]

=Joanna Kirkpatrick, "Bangladeshi Arts of the Riksha," on the AsianArt website: [site]

=Hamid Sardar, "Trance-dancers of the Goddess Durga" (in Nepal), on the AsianArt website: [site]

=MADHUBANI painting, a women's folk tradition of Bihar: [site]

="PITHORA"-- photos and text, about a Gujarati tribal deity: [site]

="Jamini Roy: Bengali Artist of Modern India," an online exhibit curated by Marcella Sirhindi: [site]

=Many modern photographs of India by David Parker, from ARTSMIA (do a search for his name): [site]

=Christopher Pinney's collection of bazaar art prints: [site]

=Modern Gita-Govinda paintings by Shri Pradeep Mukherjee, painted on cloth in the Rajasthani style: IGNCA, pages [one]; [two]; [three]; [four]

="The Havelis of Shekhavati," a photo essay by Madhulika Liddle, Dec. 2005: [on this site]

="Reinventing the Miniature Painting," by Louis Werner, Aramco World 60,4 (July/Aug. 2009}: [site]

="Kamat's Potpourri," an intricate website of great diversity and mixed quality, with much material on folk art: [site]

="Exotic India Art," the largest seller of modern Indian paintings and sculpture of all kinds and styles: [site]


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