the Delhi Sultanate (c.1200-c.1500)

    =Delhi: Quvvat ul-Islam Mosque (1192-98), largely built by Qutb ud-Din Aibak, with later additions by Iltutmish etc.: [one set]
    =Delhi: Qutub Minar, part of the same Quvvat ul-Islam complex: [one set]
    =Delhi: Tughlaqabad, now mostly a ruin; built by Sultan Ghiyas ud-Din Tughluq (r.1320-25) and containing his tomb: [one set]
    =Delhi: Tombs and other monuments of the Lodi dynasty (1451-1526): [one set]
    =Delhi: Tomb of Isa Khan, a courtier of Sher Shah Sur (r.1440-45), located in Humayun's Tomb complex: [one set]

=QUTB MINAR from art-and-archaeology: [site]

=Barry Flood, "Pillars, Palimpsests, and Princely Practices: Translating the Past in Sultanate Delhi": [on this site]

=KONARAK, in Orissa, the famous Sun Temple (1200's): AIIS/DSAL: [site]; Berger: [site]

=Khirki ki masjid: [site]
=Lodhi Gardens: [site]
=Mehrauli: Dargah Qutb Sahib, Jamali Kamali Mosque, Mahdi Masjid, tombs of Adham Khan and Balban: [site]
=Museums: [site]
=Nizamuddin dargah: [site]
=Qutb Minar complex: [site]
=Tughluqabad: [site]

=ADHAI DIN KA JHOMPRA mosque, Ajmer, early 1200's: [site]
=LAL MAHRA Tomb Complex, Dera Isma'il Khan, Pakistan, 1200/1300s: [Tomb A], [Tomb B], [Tomb C], [Tomb D]
=SHAH RUKN-E 'ALAM's tomb, 1300's, Multan: [site]
=NIZAMUDDIN AULIYA's tomb, 1325 (and 1562), Delhi: [site]
=FIROZ SHAH KOTLA, 1354, Delhi: [site]; and its JAM'I MASJID: [site]
=JAM'I MASJID, Gulbarga, 1367: [site]
=BAHA UD-DIN HALIM's tomb, 1370, Uch: [site]
=ADINA mosque, built by Sikandar Shah, Pandua, Bengal, 1375: [site]
=KHIRKI MOSQUE, 1380: [site] (but with no images yet, it seems)
=FIROZ SHAH TUGHLUQ's tomb, Hauz Khas, Delhi, 1390: [site]
=SHAH HAMDAN mosque, 1395, Srinagar: [site]
=GHIYAS UD-DIN AZAM SHAH's tomb, 1410, Sonargaon, Bangladesh: [site]
=MUHAMMAD SHAH SAYYID's tomb, 1434, Lodi Gardens, Delhi: [site]
=CHUNAKHOLA MASJID, 1400's, Bagerhat, Bangladesh: [site]
=NINE-DOMED MOSQUE, 1400's, Bagerhat, Bangladesh: [site]
=KHAN JAHAN'S tomb, 1459, Bagerhat, Bangladesh: [site]
=SHAITH GUMBAD MASJID, 1459, Bagerhat, Bangladesh: [site
=DARASBARI MASJID, 1479, Gaur, Bangladesh: [site]
=KHWAJAH MAHMUD GAWAN Madrasah, 1472, Bidar: [site]
=CHHOTA SONA MASJID, 1493-1519, Gaur, Bangladesh: [site]
=BIBI JAWINDI'S tomb, 1494, Uch, Pakistan: [site]

THE BERGER COLLECTION: MANDU (earlier 1400's); architecture of the Sultans of Malwa, in their capital city, with buildings identified according to tradition--
=Mandu: "Palace of Baz Bahadur": [one set]
=Mandu: "Palace of Rupmati": [one set]
=Mandu: Lake Palace: [one set]
=Mandu: Jahaz Mahal (Ship Palace): [two sets]
=Mandu: Mausoleum of Hushang Shah (c.1440): [one set]
=Mandu: Hindola Mahal (Swinging Palace): [one set]
=Mandu: Ashrafi Mahal (Gold Mohur Palace): [one set]

MANDU: some well-organized *architectural views*

=A 15th-century Indian painting, with ZOOM capabilities for close study, from the Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco: [folio from a small Shah Namah]

="Islamic Art of the Deccan," a study site at the Metropolitan Museum: [site]

=VIJAYANAGAR and its architecture, an excellent presentation from art-and-archaeology [site]

="The Nature of Islamic Ornament: Calligraphy," a study site at the Metropolitan Museum: [site]; see also [this site]

=A lovely website full of mostly Turkish Sufi art-- and great recipes: [site]

=For comparison: Turkish art in the Topkapi Museum: [site]

Coin information sites--
    =The best coin collection site for the period, a collaborative effort with maps, regnal dates, and much related information: [site]
    ="Coins of the Muslim Dynasties," an Indian coin collector's site: [site]
    ="Coins of the Sultanate"-- another good site: [site]

=Meanwhile, back in Europe, art and imagination in the late 12th c.-- compare the Aberdeen Bestiary: [site

="Delhi in the 16th Century," by Glenn D. Lowry, 1984; pdf file available: [site] or [on this site]


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