Selected Stories
by D. N. Achara
Certificated Teacher, Methodist Mission

with four illustrations by Uthman Ibrahim,
student, Government College, Umuahia--
*to Chapter Two* == "He sees footprints"
*to Chapter Seven* == "Quickly she came out and began to eat it"
*to Chapter Eight* == "Killing them, both humans and animals"
*to Chapter Nine* == "Elephant...drags out the hippopotamus"
Ikeja: Longman Nigeria, Ltd., early 1940's (?)
3rd ed.: 1950
New edition, translated into official orthography: 1963
reprinted 1972, 1975, 1981, 1984
ISBN 0 582 63602-7
translated from the Igbo
by Frances W. Pritchett
*original Igbo text*

*Translator's Introduction*

*Chapter One*
Chief Who Goes To Work In One Year And Returns the Next Year

*Chapter Two*
The chief sees the footprints of a spirit

*Chapter Three*
Hunger causes acceptance of what was formerly refused

*Chapter Four*
Chief Who Goes To Work In A Year And Returns the Next Year inquires about the owner of the footprints

*Chapter Five*
The beauty of the woman's body gives the chief gooseflesh

*Chapter Six*
The chief tries a second time

*Chapter Seven*
The chief finally lays hands on her

*Chapter Eight*
The wedding

*Chapter Nine*
Why the firstborn son succeeds his father

*Chapter Ten*
The story that Wrestling told (Part One)

*Chapter Eleven*
The story that Wrestling told (Part Two)

*Chapter Twelve*
The two stories that Fight told settled the matter

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