suggestions from Nkiru
(Frances W. Pritchett)

Finding a native speaker who can help you

It is very important to find a native speaker who is willing and able to meet with you at least once a week, to answer your questions, demonstrate pronunciation, and guide your home study.

1)  A college or university in or near your home town would be an excellent place to look for a helper. I found my first one through a friendship group at a nearby university that was formed to show hospitality to international students. From then on, each one recommended a successor.

2)  A church might also be a good source. The pastor or priest might be able to recommend someone.

3)  You could put notices up on various bulletin boards, or even put an ad in your local newspaper.

4)  You could have your tutoring sessions in your own home, or in the helper's home, or in any public meeting-room such as at the local library. Mine have always been either in my home or in the helper's home.

5)  Insist on paying your helper, so you will not feel that you are totally imposing on his/her time and kindness in helping you. If your helper is a student, even a small fee will be of help.
Suggested study materials for learning Igbo

1)  Igbo-English Dictionary-Compehensive Dictionary of Igbo Languages, by Michael J.C. Echeruo (New Haven: Yale University Press, 1998). Price:$40.00. ISBN#: 0-300-07307-0

*2)  Igbo-A Learner's Manual, and Igbo-A Learner's Dictionary, both by Beatrice F. Welmers and William Welmers (late Professor, Linguistics Dept., UCLA). Privately published by authors: Los Angeles, 1968. (My favorites, if you can get hold of them.)

3)  Awde/Wambu: Igbo-English/English-Igbo Dictionary and Phrasebook. (New York: Hippocrene Books, 1999). ISBN#: 0-7818-0661-5.

4)  Igbo-English Dictionary, by G. Egemba Igwe (Ibadan: University Press Plc, 1999). ISBN#: 978-030417-7. The most comprehensive one that I've seen.

5)  Igbo Mbu, by F. Chidozie Ogbalu (Onitsha: University Publishing Company/Thomas Nelson and Sons, 1972 with many reprints; revised ed. 1980). ISBN#: 0-17-511371-8.

6)  Tapes: Igbo Basics Course; $199.00 for 21 tapes and 498-page book. Source: Toll-free number :1-800-218-2737. (I haven't seen this one, but I believe that it uses an older orthography.)

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