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    Omenuko built numerous houses for himself and for his people. He sent all of his sons to school, but some of his children wanted to leave school beginning from the time they returned, because several of them had passed primary six at that time. From the year 1918 on when they returned to our village, no year passed when you would not have seen one or two of his children in primary six. Neither was there a year when you would not see one of his children going for a white collar job. Several of his children worked for the Railway Corporation, and some were traders.

    Omenuko used to go to court, but he was not a chief of the court. If he went to court, he would go and sit quietly watching the court officials like a lawyer. If the court chiefs ruled unfairly when Omenuko was present, even though he was not a warrant chief he would not be pleased to see something like that going on. Therefore, whenever the court chiefs saw him in court, each one would be careful in words and deeds.

    You  know very well that there are different kinds of people in this world of ours, and not everyone liked Omenuko, because some people are always wanting to take from others but they do not want people to take from them. Because of things like this, Omenuko did not have a chance to treat everyone who knew him as they wanted to be treated. Thus, some people loved him, and some hated him. But anyone who knows good from bad will know that Omenuko was a man of the people; because of this, there were more people in our village who loved him than there were those who did not love him, to this day.

    I have written this book or this story concerning the life of Mr. Omenuko so that anyone reading it will be sure to learn something through it. There are both laughter and tears in the world, which will cause anyone seeking wisdom to become wise. Omenuko had had money from the time he was a young man,  but when he  became an adult his money was gone. Anger and sadness told him to go and die, and have rest, but peace and love told him to wait, not crying about something called death which was in the future.

    Omenuko is still alive today. He is still doing good deeds during all his long life. Any time he wants to do something, he looks for a suitable time so he can show his wisdom. Everyone will learn something about the scarcity of money these days. From the year 1929 until today, some people tied their money up with rope and hoarded it so it would not get away from them. Omenuko was one of those people. Some people cry about the scarcity of money, but I think Mr. Omenuko, any time he wanted to do anything, waited for the right time so he could show his wisdom.

    Now money is very scarce, it is true, but what this name Omenuko means in translation is, "One  who can do things when wealth is scarce." That is the name his father gave him. On account of Omenuko's having a name like this, anything he wanted to do, he was sure to do it wisely. Omenuko began to build a storied house in a year when money was scarce, so that he would live up to the name his father had given him: "One who can do things when wealth is scarce."

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