by Pita Nwana
translated from the Igbo by Frances W. Pritchett
*About the Author: a Brief Biography*

IGBO TEXT: Chapters *1-6*; *7-9*; *10-15*

*Translator's preface*

Chapter One
The start of Omenuko's trading business

Chapter Two
What Omenuko did when he reached home

Chapter Three
The flight of Omenuko and his brothers

Chapter Four
Omenuko's life at Ndi Mgborogwu

Chapter Five
Mgborogwu's will

Chapter Six
The reign of Chief Omenuko in the land of the Mgborogwu people

Chapter Seven
The moving of the residence of Omenuko and his brothers

Chapter Eight
Concerning the people Omenuko sold

Chapter Nine
Omenuko longs to return to his native land

Chapter Ten
The reconciliation of Omenuko and our people

Chapter Eleven
The building of the houses of Omenuko and his brothers

Chapter Twelve
Omenuko's advancement to paramount chief, and the opposition of the other chiefs

Chapter Thirteen
The final conspiracy

Chapter Fourteen
The return of Omenuko and his brothers to our village

Chapter Fifteen
Omenuko's life in our village

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