a list compiled and annotated
by Frances W. Pritchett

1.  Carnochan, J., and Belonwu Iwuchukwu. An Igbo Revision Course.  Oxford University Press, 1963, '67, '76.  Chapter 2, “Igbo Literature,” pp. 28-37, lists 100 proverbs and provides usage examples for 8 of them.

2.  Davids, P. K. (Mrs.).  Ilulu Igbo -- N’ime Igbo:  The Text Book of Igbo Proverbs.  University Publishing Co., Onitsha, 1980.  More than 1,000 proverbs.  She gives the Igbo, the literal English translation, and an example of usage.

3.  Njoku, John E. Egberebulam.  A Dictionary of Igbo Names, Culture and Proverbs.  University Press of America, 1978.  Pp. 55-90.  107 proverbs with brief explanations.

4.  Njoku, John E. Egberebulam.  The Igbos of Nigeria:  Ancient Rites, Changes and Survival.  The Edwin Mellen Press, Lewiston, NY, 1990.  Vol. 14 in African Studies series.  Chapter X, “Proverbs, the Testimony of Culture,” pp. 211-239, lists 393 proverbs with English translations.

5.  Obi, Goddy A. O.  Amamihe:  A Revision Course in Igbo.  Oxford University Press, Ibadan, 1978.  Pp. 8-14.  Proverbs given in illustrative stories.  All in Igbo language.

6.  Ogbalu, F. C. Ilu Igbo (The Book of Igbo Proverbs).  University Publishing Co., 2d ed., 1965.  Printed by Varsity Press, Onitsha.  Over 1,000 proverbs in Igbo, grouped by topic, some with English translations.

7.  Ogbalu, F. Chidozie. School Certificate/G.C.E. Igbo.  University Publ. Co., Onitsha, & Thomas Nelson (Nigeria) Ltd, 1974.  Pp.151-159.  Lists 100 proverbs with English translations, not necessarily literal.

8.  Okonkwo, M. N.  A Complete Course in Igbo Grammar.  3d Ed.  Macmillan Nigeria, 1977/1979.  Lesson 24, “Igbo Proverbs,” pp. 107-115.  Lists 100 proverbs and the subjects with which they are connected.

9.  Penfield, Joyce. Communicating With Quotes:  The Igbo Case.  Westport, Ct.:  Greenwood Press, 1983.  Much analysis of how proverbs are used in life situations, plus a list of proverbs.

10.  Thomas, W. Northcote.  Anthropological Report on the Ibo-speaking Peoples of Nigeria, Part III, Proverbs, Narratives, Vocabularies and Grammar.  London:  Harrison and Sons, 1913.  More than 1,000 proverbs in Igbo, but printed way before the issuance of Onwu Commission rules of spelling, so is a bit hard to read.  Literal English is given, plus interpretation.


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