dil kii viiraanii kaa kyaa ma;zkuur hai
yih nagar sau martabah luu;Taa gayaa

1) what account/description is there of the desolation/ruin of the heart?!
2) this city was looted {a hundred times / a hundredfold}



ma;zkuur : 'Mention, relation, account, discourse, statement; the contents or substance of a written statement'. (Platts p.1018)


martabah : 'Step, degree; ... —time, turn'. (Platts p.1020)

S. R. Faruqi:



In the first line kyaa ma;zkuur hai is, in terms of appropriateness and amazingness, a peer of the al-qi.s.sah of




The 'inexpressibility trope' is doubly appropriate here. First, a city so utterly devastated-- either 'a hundred times' or 'to a hundred degrees'-- is in a state beyond description. And second, such an empty city will have no one in it to even attempt such description.

In the previous verse,


the first line spoke of 'the heart', and the second of 'that mirror'; it was left up to us to equate the two. In the present verse, the first line speaks of 'the heart', and the second of 'this city'; once again we're invited to equate the two. But the 'proof' or 'justification' of the 'broken' mirror that was problematical in the previous verse is not a difficulty in the present one. If the heart is a city, and the city has been utterly looted and left in a devastated condition, that's not hard at all to fathom; such things did, and do, happen to cities, and the causal mechanisms are clear. The deadly-beautiful beloved, and the ruinous passion she arouses, can easily be imagined to have stormed through the heart, 'looted' and destroyed it, and left it in a (Sufistic?) condition beyond all words.