kyaa muvaafiq ho davaa ((ishq ke biimaar ke saath
jii hii jaate na:zar aa))e hai;N us aazaar ke saath

1) how would medicine be suitable/favorable, with one sick from passion?
2) only/emphatically lives have been seen going, with that sickness



muvaafiq : 'Conformable, consonant, congruous, agreeing, according, concordant, suiting, suitable; apt, expedient; like, similar, analogous; prosperous, favourable, propitious'. (Platts p.1085)


aazaar : 'Sickness, disorder, disease, infirmity; trouble, affliction; injury, outrage'. (Platts p.45)

S. R. Faruqi:

The opening-verse is by way of introduction. This theme Mir has used in a much better style in the first divan itself, like this [{560,1}]:

jin jin ko thaa yih ((ishq kaa aazaar mar ga))e
ak;sar hamaare saath ke biimaar mar ga))e

[all those who had this sickness of passion, died
most of those who were sick along with us, died]

Nevertheless, in the present verse the phrase jii hii jaate na:zar aa))e hai;N is fine, because in it the continuingness is clear.



I have nothing special to add.