((ishq hai :tarz-o-:taur-e ((ishq ke ta))ii;N
kahii;N bandah kahii;N ;xudaa hai ((ishq

1) bravo, to the manner and behavior of passion!
2) somewhere the servant, somewhere the Lord, is passion



((ishq hai : 'An exclamation of praise; excellent! well done! bravo!'. (Platts p.761)

S. R. Faruqi:

((ishq hai = there is praise

One quality of the beloved is beauty. God's quality too is beauty. It has been said that God is beautiful, and loves beauty. Since according to some Sufis there's no difference between God's [contingent] qualities and his essence, 'God loves beauty' can also mean that God loves himself. In this way passion too became a quality of God's. Thus if passion somewhere shows itself in the form of a servant, then somewhere else it's visible in the form of the Lord.

Another interpretation is that sometimes passion seems so helpless and low that it is, so to speak, a servant; and sometimes it seems so dignified and lofty that, so to speak, it would be the Lord. Or somewhere passion is entirely like a vile prey, and in an exhausted condition is afraid of people; and sometimes it seems that the origin of the whole of creation is only/emphatically passion.



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