dil-kash aisaa kahaa;N hai dushman-e jaa;N
mudda((ii hai pah mudda((aa hai ((ishq

1) where [else] is such a heart-attracting mortal enemy?!
2) there is a claimant/enemy, but the claim/object/desire is passion



mudda((ii : 'A claimant, suitor; plaintiff (in a law-suit), complainant, prosecutor, accuser; —an enemy'. (Platts p.1015)


mudda((aa : 'Asserted as a claim, claimed, sued for; alleged; pretended; meant; —what is claimed, or alleged, or pretended, or meant; desire, wish; suit; meaning, object, view; scope, tenor, drift'. (Platts p.1015)

S. R. Faruqi:

In Persian, mudda((ii doesn't have the meaning of 'enemy'. Taking advantage of the Urdu idiom, Mir has created a light wordplay between mudda((ii and mudda((aa . Another pleasure is that if we write mudda((ii with an alif maq.suurah and obtain mudda((;aa , then the meaning will be 'having made a claim'. [Further discussion of related phrases.] Thus mudda((ii with the meaning of 'one who makes a claim', or 'having made a claim', or 'something that has been claimed'-- the mind is directed toward all these possibilities.

The first line also has two meanings: (1) Where is there a mortal enemy (the beloved) who is so heart-attracting?; and (2) Where is there such a heart-attracting mortal enemy (the beloved)? In addition, kahaa;N has two meanings: 'in which place is it?' and 'it is not'.



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