chashm churaa))ii duur se karvaa mujh ko lagaa yih kah'h ke gayaa
.said kare;Nge kal ham aa kar ;Daal chale hai;N chaaraa aaj

1) having done eye-averting from afar, it seemed to me that she said as she went,
2) 'Tomorrow we'll come and make the hunt; we've put out the bait and gone on, today'



karvaanaa : 'To cause to be done, &c., to have or get done; to cause (one) to do or make, &c.'. (Platts p.829)


ka;Rvaa (of which karvaa is a variant): 'Sharp; ... unpleasant, disagreeable; harsh; strong; virulent; coarse; hard (of heart, &c.); impetuous, hot (temper); brave; sour, morose; angry, displeased'. (Platts p.829)

S. R. Faruqi:

[See {1589,1}.]



This ghazal is the first of a set of two about which SRF makes special claims for an over-all 'musical' effect; see {1589,1} for his discussion. This verse has been included only in order to provide access to the whole ghazal.

Note for grammar fans: What about that karvaa ? It does seem odd that the beloved would 'cause to do' the averting of her eyes, rather than just 'doing' it. There's another karvaa that's a variant of ka;Rvaa (see the definitions above). But I think it's more plausible to take the latter sense of 'hot, angry' as a sort of hovering wordplay, and to consider that she 'caused' her eyes to avert themselves.