jo jo :zulm kiye hai;N tum ne so so ham ne u;Thaa))e hai;N
daa;G jigar pah jalaa))e hai;N chhaatii pah jaraa;hat khaa))e hai;N

1) what-all cruelties you have done, those-all we have endured
2) we have burned a wound onto our liver; on our breast we have experienced/'eaten' wounds



S. R. Faruqi:

The opening-verse is by way of an introduction. Although daa;G jalaanaa with the meaning of 'to inflict a wound' is very interesting. None of the dictionaries have it, nor does Dr. Barkati's farhang . See




These three verses from Mir's shikaar-naamah-e duvvum were added by SRF to SSA, right after the end of the nuun section. I've given them the number of the ghazal before them, with an 'x' added, because it's hard to say where such a ghazal belongs (it of course has no number in the main divan sequence of Mir's ghazals). The shikaar-naamah-e duvvum from which they come is on pp. 358-371 of volume 2 of the kulliyat; the inserted ghazal from which they come is on p. 364; within its eleven verses they are verses 1, 2, 8. Other such cases: {236x,1}; {1807x,1}.

The internal rhymes in both lines, combined with the use of 'Hindi meter', make for an enjoyably swingy effect.