If you'd like to start thinking about Mir, here's a DRAFT (in PDF form) of a recent article by S. R. Faruqi about him.

And here's a very un-recent one: the first article I ever wrote was about Mir.

Here are some thoughts by Faruqi on the two great poets-- *Mir and Ghalib: Comparisons* in my translation.

This article in PDF form contains a good deal of discussion of Mir's poetics, through an analysis of his tazkirah: 'A Long History of Urdu Literary Culture, Part 2'.

An example of Mir's own handwriting, as he transcribes some verses. Source: ;hadii;s-e miir , compiled and edited by maqbuul a;hmad laarii (Lucknow: All-India Mir Academy, 1967), p. 295. GET THIS!!

C. M. Naim, 'Mir and his Patrons' and 'Mir on his Patrons', in *Annual of Urdu Studies 14 (1999)*

"Mir as Suffering Curmudgeon: a Historical Hatchet Job," by FWP: *on this site*

Mir Muhammad Taqi 'Mir' (1722-1810) 

Aab-e Hayaat on Mir: DSAL.

zikr-e mir, Naim's intro

prevailing impression, quotes from Sadiq etc.? 

miir & ghalib, srf article in intro to mir book 

on aah vs. vaah: {48,7}

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