Some general background on Mir [miir mu;hammad taqii miir] and his life: Ralph Russell and Khurshidul Islam. Three Mughal Poets: Mir, Sauda, Mir Hasan. Chapter 6: 'Mir: the Man and his Age': [on this site]

A kind of memoir by Mir: Zikr-i Mir: The Autobiography of the Eighteenth Century Mughal Poet. Translated and introduced by C. M. Naim. New Delhi: Oxford University Press, 1999. Available through the Hathi Trust.

An example of *Mir's own handwriting*, as he transcribes some verses. Source: ;hadii;s-e miir , compiled and edited by maqbuul a;hmad laarii (Lucknow: All-India Mir Academy, 1967), p. 295.

Mir lived from 1723 to 1810. He left us six divans of Urdu ghazals (as dated by SRF, Murty preface, 2017:

ONE: The first (and largest) divan was compiled and edited in 1165 AH (1751-52); for discussion see {314,6}.

TWO: The second divan was compiled and edited around 1775/6; see {336,2}.

THREE: The third divan was compiled and edited in Lucknow between 1785 and 1798.

FOUR: The fourth divan was compiled and edited in Lucknow between 1785 and 1798.

FIVE: The fifth divan was compiled and edited in Lucknow from 1798 to 1803.

SIX: The sixth divan was edited in last two years of his life, 1809-1810; see {452,2}

Some textual problems and misunderstandings that have confronted his editors: {6,2}, famous line misquoted; {12,2}, famous line misquoted; {24,2}; {60,1}, problem with alphabetization; {71,1}; {84,1}, problem with alphabetization; {120,2}, interpretive concerns generate guesses; {124,2}, mire vs. tire ; {256,1}, famous verse wrongly attributed to Mir; {290,10}, on ;xvaab-laa ; {371,1}, on the fardiyaat ; {484,1}, a defective(?) text; {501,1}, two ghazals, not one; {605,1}; {617,1}; {745,4}; {757,1}; {877,1}; {885,1}; {909,4}; [{930,9}]; {949,8}; [{1037,3}]; [{1047,10}]; {1112,9}; {1177,7}; {1200,1}; {1201,3}; {1223,3}; {1327,5}; {1341,5}; {1480,3}; {1502,2}; {1624,2}; [{1768,3}]; {1791,3}; {1903,8}

Apocryphal verses wrongly attributed to Mir: {256,1}*; {1015,1}**

Mir's references in ghazal verses to other poets: {84,4}

On Mir's Persian poetry: {1504,5}

Was Mir a Sayyid? See {330,7}

Mir's religious feelings: {344,5}

Mir has a set of remarkable-- and remarkably fine-- ghazals with the refrain ((ishq

How do we recognize a 'verse-set'? On this question see: {309,15}; {602,11}.

Mir's longest ghazal: {804}, with 32 verses; also pretty long is {377}, with 24 verses

A ghazal in a remarkably short meter with remarkably long rhyming elements: {381}

on aah vs. vaah: {48,7}

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